Mamata Banerjee with Narendra Modi
Mamata Banerjee with Narendra ModiFacebook

A mash-up video showing tit-bits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's speeches on various occasions has gone viral on social media and it is giving chuckles to everyone.

The election campaigns are getting heated up as the elections near their dates in different areas. A week before the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi addressed a public rally at Cooch Behar in north Bengal on Sunday. The rally was held at the Rash Mela ground near the Cooch Behar Palace four days after his twin rallies in the state. He was seen mocking Mamta Banerjee on this occasion.

The country has seen the word of wars between Narendra Modi and Mamta Banerjee on some occasions and a mash-up video showing their gags at each other has gone viral now. In this video, the Prime Minister is seen saying that Didi (Mamta) loves him so much so that she always dedicates half of her speeches to him. On the other hand, she is seen criticizing his hasty decisions like demonetization.

This hilarious mashup video was released on the internet a couple of months ago and it is not known who created it. But somebody shared it on Twitter hours before Narendra Modi's rally in Cooch Behar. The clip caught fire within no time with thousands of people liking and sharing it with their friends. Everyone is stunned with it and all of them have one question: Who created it?

The Namesake‏ @The_Namesake_

Hilarious... Whoever has done it, has done a very good job

Rajesh‏ @ModifiedRaj

Who ever made this super edit Must Nominate for Padma Bushan award

Vinod Tambe‏ @vinodtambe

It's too good... must watch.. Didi !! Didi !!

Garima gautam‏ @garimagautam9

Amazing banaya hai bhai !! Didi .., aap to itna pyar karte hain Didi ! Didi ! Didi !

C.S.Deepak‏ @sreedeepak137

 can't control laughing any suffer frm depression stress pls watch this

Monaaz Mehta‏ @MonaazMehta

I love the way NaMo says Didi . He is too good man. He can have all party personnel for bkfst and lunch. Awesome NkR.

Vadin‏ @SunBunAurPun

Super. You can make a clean humorous content without insulting or demeaning any leader or party!

Modi Bhakt‏ @BakthbyDefault

my god man whoever did that