15-year-old Kerala girl challenges Narendra Modi
15-year-old Kerala girl challenges Narendra ModiFacebook

A 15-year-old Kerala girl has thrown a challenge at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to save youths in the country from drug mafia. The six-minute-nine-second video of the schoolgirl, posted on the YouTube channel of entertainment promoter Motion Frames, has gone viral on social media within a week of hitting cyberspace.

The Class X student of Sacred Heart Convent Girl's Higher Secondary School in Thrissur, Anie Ribu Joshy, told International Business Times, India, she lost her father to alcohol consumption when she was just four, and this has made her to come up with an anti-drug project named Fortune-S with the support from more than 500 students and parents.

"I love my country, I love India. I love my prime minister Shri Narendra Modi. I love you Modiji. Modiji did many things that others couldn't do, that was a big fortune for our Indian history. I challenge you Modiji, can you take away the drug mafias from India? Once you told that if every citizen of the country is healthy, the nation will be healthy and do you still think that our country will be healthy with all this drug mafias around? I know that if you take a step towards this topic, there is gonna be a massive change [sic]," Anie is heard saying in the viral video.

The team, led by Anie, is using social media as the main platform to share their ideas to people all over India. When asked about the kind of response they get from the public, Anie proudly told IBTimes India she gets fabulous support from people across the country, and surprisingly, from many others outside the nation as well.

"For the students, of the students, by the students, we introduce you Fortune-S, an anti-drug education mission. The death of my father when I was four, made me take an unbreakable vow to protest and speak against smoke, alcohol and drugs. Let this end with us. Lets us stop using alcohol, smoke and drugs for a better world and better future. I challenge you Modiji, I challenge you. I know you can [sic]," the young girl challenges the prime minister. 

Anie, who is yet to get a response from Modi, said she hopes the viral video will reach the prime minister soon as many viewers have promised they will share it with Modi. She added that she is hopeful he will answer her call, as he does a lot for the younger generation.

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