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Adivi Sesh, Mohan Indraganti, Harish Shankar and other Tollywood celebs have lauded Sudheer Babu's acting in Nannu Dochukunduvate and wished him good luck for his maiden production.

Besides acting, Sudheer Babu has made his debut as the producer with Nannu Dochukunduvate, which hit the screens on September 21. Many celebs, who were impressed with its promos, were curiously waiting for its release in the theatres. Some of them watched the film in the first show on its opening day.

After watching, they took to Twitter to share their reviews on Nannu Dochukunduvate. They praised the efforts of Sudheer Babu, Nabha Natesh and director RS Naidu. Here are some of their comments on the film.

Adivi Sesh: #NannuDochukunduvate is a sweet rom com with some hilarious sequences :) Loved the chemistry between @isudheerbabu & @NabhaNatesh . The director's design of the character of Siri is both funny and innocent. :) Kudos to Sudheer on his debut production :)

Mohan Indraganti: #Nannudochukonduvate is a truly heartwarming and honest film. Sudheer babu, I am proud of you. Need I say more? Nabha Natesh is a revelation The rest of the cast fit to the T and the comic episodes are side-splitting Go for it, People It's worth every penny #Nannudochukondhuvate Cheers also to RS Naidu for a confident debut, Suresh Ragutu for lovely photography and Ajaneesh for the music

Harish Shankar: Guys have a super cool weekend start with #Nannudochukondhuvate it's a fun ride with contemporary emotions....& a combo of @isudheerbabu s passion and performance... this girl @NabhaNatesh will surprise you kudos to RSNaidu

Ashwin Gangaraju: #NannuDochukunduvate is Superb Fun, Engaging throughout. Broke into big laughter at many instances. Well Written and Directed by @rsnaidu77 Very fine job with the Photography @sureshragutu1 Super Happy for you. Congratulations to the entire team. @isudheerbabu @NabhaNatesh

SKN‏ aka Srinivasa: #NannuDochukunduvate is uber cool entertainer has good emotions too, Congrats @isudheerbabu succeed as actor & debut producer also @NabhaNatesh got vry good role in her Telugu debut & she excelled in it , Debut dir R Naidu hv good sense of humour it reflects in film Watch IT