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Former Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy has launched a new cab service called Namma TYGR, which is gearing up to compete with giants like Ola and Uber in Karnataka.

Namma TYGR apparently aims to come as a relief to commuters who have been ripped off by other cab aggregators.

This new service, which will start its operation in the second week of November, has claimed it will bring several exciting offers, including surge-free charges, to customers.

Here are some interesting aspects about Kumaraswamy's Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S)-backed cab operator.

1. Cab drivers in Bengaluru held an indefinite protest in February this year against Ola and Uber over reduced earnings and incentives. Following this protest, Kumaraswamy offered to launch a new app in February.

It was initially said that the service would be named HDK Cabs and start from Ugadi — the Telugu and Kannada New Year day that fell on March 28 this year.

But the JD-S leader was not keen on having the cab service of the JD-S-backed cab drivers' association named after him.

2. The Uber, TaxiForSure and Ola (UTO) Drivers and Owners Association started their own company called Huli Technologies Pvt Ltd in the middle of this year, and former association president Tanveer Pasha became the MD of the company.

The union joined hands with Kolkata-based startup Savetur Digital Private Limited, which owns the TYGR app.

3. Savetur Digital Pvt Ltd will run and manage the business, according to a model drafted by the drivers' union.

Huli Technologies will control and supervise Savetur through their company. Kumaraswamy will be playing an advisor's role and help raise investments for this company.

4. Kumaraswamy launched the driver's app at his residence in JP Nagar in Bengaluru on September 21, with many cab drivers and union leaders present on the occasion.

The company initiated the enrolment process for drivers on September 27 and 6,000 drivers have registered with this cab aggregator so far.

5. The company is initially intended to run 10,000 vehicles in Bengaluru. The drivers are reportedly being trained in groups of 15-20 at the headquarters of the company in Indira Nagar. They are being taught about app installation, downloading and other service operations.

6. Namma TYGR apparently offers drivers a slew of beneficiary schemes like Rs 5 lakh insurance cover, Rs 5 lakh accidental insurance cover, Rs 2 lakh medical insurance cover and 10 emergency-patrol vehicles to support both drivers and customers 24x7 in the city.

The company is also planning schemes to provide leased vehicles and housing sites to drivers.

7. Namma TYGR will also reportedly offer some interesting benefits for customers. This cab service will have a fixed slab and will not have "surge pricing" or hidden charges.

According to government rules, maximum rates for AC and non-AC taxis are fixed at Rs 19.50 per km and 14.50 per km, respectively.

This cab service claims it will offer AC mini services at Rs 12.50 per km and AC sedan cars at Rs 14.50 per km.

8. The TYGR app has presence in Mumbai, Kolkata, Ranchi and Indore. Now, this Kolkata-based startup is set to be launched in Bengaluru, which has 1.47 lakh cab drivers — majority of whom are associated with Uber and Ola.

This new cab service is expected to pose a big competition for Uber, Ola, Taxi for Sure and other cab services.

9. The company has reportedly raised Rs 12 crore to run and sustain its business at the initial stage, and many investors have shown keen interest in picking up a stake in it.

10. Namma TYGR plans to have three-four car categories that will show up on the app.

The commuter can book a mini, hatchback option at Rs 12.50 per km, another at Rs 14.5 per km, a sports sedan option at utility vehicle option at Rs 18.50 per km and an outstation cab option, Tanveer Pasha has said.