Actress-turned-politician Nagma is facing the ire of many people for defending Pakistani spokespersons. The upset netizens are trolling her with the hashtag #NagmaStandsWithPakistan on Twitter.

These days, most of the TV debates in India are chaotic and the TV anchor does not allow some panellist to speak as they are usually seen hurling questions. The same thing happened on a debate on Aaj Tak TV. A BJP leader apparently abused two Pakistani journalists and didn't allow them to speak last night.

Actress-turned-leader Nagma
Actress-turned-leader NagmaFacebook

Nagma was disgusted with it and took her Twitter page to blast the person. The Congress leader wrote, "I can't believe the language what the #bjp spokesperson is using on @aajtak for a Pakistani person Tariq Peerzada and @AnjanaOmModiAT is allowing him and also continues speaking over the female journalists from Pak why invite them if you are hell-bent on insulting them."

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was trolled for congratulating three photo Journalists on winning Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of Kashmir. Now, Nagma is being trolled as netizens feel she is behaving like a Pakistani agent. The resorted to trolling her with hashtag #NagmaStandsWithPakistan.

Actress-turned-leader Nagma
Actress-turned-leader NagmaTwitter

Bharat @gmcbharat

Nagma and his master Rahul has become agents of Pakistan. Rahul congratulated 3 photo Journalist for anti India agenda and now Nagma taking side of Pak Panelists who dared to spk against indian forces. #NagmaStandsWithPakistan

Moloya J. Junaki Dimasa @MoloyaJ

#NagmaStandsWithPakistan This is the real face of Congress indeed. Every time congress give priority about antinationals and Pakistani first over our martyrs. When we hv Nagma n congress party like anti state agents. We don't need foreign enemies.

RAJAT BAJPAI @Rajatbajpai6

Why always Bollywood Jihadis Support pakistan!! Khate yaha ka!! Marte pakistan ke liye!! #NagmaStandsWithPakistan

KashmirMeriJaan @KashmirJaan

#NagmaStandsWithPakistan A beautiful face doesnt mean patriotic neither it means beautiful heart, history tels us, enemies always used beautiful spies as honey traps.

Prasenjit Chakraborty @prasenj52734714

Hello Indian All of well know about Pakistan But do you know that some Pakistani lovers here disguished themself as Indian Just watch out around You will find out definatelt #NagmaStandsWithPakistan

Magaji S Kiran Kumar @MagajiKiran

What do you mean by secular, social worker? Dose it means supporting Pakistan and terrorism? #NagmaStandsWithPakistan