Chiranjeevi with his brother Nagababu
Chiranjeevi with his brother NagababuTwitter

Actor Nagababu aka Konidela Nagendra Babu has rule out the possibility of a biopic on the life of his brother and megastar Chiranjeevi, as there will not be any exciting subject to hold the attention of the audience throughout the film.

Since the season of biographical movies in Indian and Telugu film industry is ruling the trend with the highest count of biopics in 2019. Tollywood has already released three such movies and 10 more films are lined up for release in the coming days of the year. The flicks are either based on the lives of legendary film stars, politicians, sports persons or others, who had inspirational rise from humble beginnings.

Many mega family fans were hoping that there would be a movie made on the life of their veteran actor Chiranjeevi. In a recent interaction with the media, Chiru's brother Nagababu opened up on this wish and said No. He also said that Chiranjeevi's son Ram Charan should never think about it.

"I don't think a biopic should be made on my brother's life. Apart from the initial struggles, my brother mostly had a very successful career. But the lives of stars like Savithri, Silk Smith and Sanjay Dutt were different, as they had seen several lows in their lives. That's why people rushed to the theaters to watch the facts of their lives," a movie portal quoted Nagababu as saying.

Nagababu rules out any biopic on his brother megastar Chiranjeevi / Nagababu

It is true that ups and downs in one's life make out for an interesting subject for any biographical movie. In fact, there is already a similar demand and curiosity about the biopic of late legendary ANR aka Akkineni Nageswara Rao. His son Akkineni Nagarjuna had rejected the idea of biographical movie on his life, quoting the same reason.

"He led a very simple, beautiful, inspirational life, especially in his last few years. A biopic needs a more interesting story; it needs some downfall, which wasn't there in my father's life. Even on his last day, he said goodbye to his five kids before departing. What will we convey through his biopic — I don't know. I personally feel that his story would work better as a book," Nagarjuna had told media about ANR's biopic.