The makers of Chhapaak have reportedly changed the name of the acid attacker of Laxmi Agarwal from Nadeem Khan to Rajesh. Furious right-wing people are trolling Deepika Padukone and Meghna Gulzar and requesting others to boycott watching the movie.

The film is based on the real-life story of acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal, who is a campaigner with Stop Sale Acid. A man named Nadeem Khan attacked Laxmi with acid after she declined to marry him. The makers have changed the name of both Laxmi and Nadeem to Malti and Rajesh in the on-screen adaptation of this real-life story. It is not clear why they changed a Muslim name to a Hindu one.

Deepika's JNU visit

The right-wing people have been upset with some Bollywood celebs, who have been criticizing Narendra Modi for reasons ever since he became the PM. Some of them held a protest in Mumbai to show their solidarity with the left-wing students of JNU on Monday. A day after this, Deepika was in Delhi to promote Chhapaak, when she visited Jawaharlal Nehru University and posed with the protesters.

Chhapaak trolls
Chhapaak trollsCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

This is when the right-wing started hurling anger against Deepika Padukone and the Chhapaak team. This led to the trending of the hashtag #BoycottChhaapaak. Now, the team has found another reason to target the actress. Yes! You guessed it right. Why makers of Chhapaak changed the religion of the character? This is the most asked question of the day on social media.

Now, the right-wing people are shaming Deepika Padukone and Meghna Gulzar for hiding the reality. They are urging others to boycott watching Chhapaak, which is scheduled for release on January 10.

Here are some Right-wing people's Tweets on changing the name:

Nupur J Sharma @UnSubtleDesi

If secularism means changing "Nadeem" to "Rajesh", set secularism on fire

Sonam Mahajan @AsYouNotWish

If crime has no religion, then why does Bollywood feel the need to change the religion of perpetrators even in biopics? Chappak is about an acid-attack survivor, attacked by one Nadeem Khan. Apparently, in the film his Muslim identity has been hidden and he is given a Hindu name.

Monica @TrulyMonica

Just like I said, don't trust bollywood to portray truth as is. Chhapaak shows Lakshmi's attacker as Rajesh when he was actually Nadeem. In fact say thanks because they might have showed Lakshmi as Ladeela or Shakeela as well in the name of secular BS.

Kulasekhar Srivatsan @srimat

Nadeem Khan is the one who threw Acid on Laxmi Agarwal but the Movie "Chhapaak" Cast has all Hindu Names for their roles in the movie!! People who praised @deepikapadukone for showing spine by taking Part in #JNUFilmPromotion !!! True, they show spine to put Hindus in bad light!!

Deepika Padukone in Chhapaak
Deepika Padukone in ChhapaakTwitter

Vijay Singh @Vijay_stambh

This is the hidden agenda of naxalite gang of Bollywood, just to defame Hindus via their movies. The name of criminal who threw acid on the face of Laxmi was Nadeem Khan. But with the help of fabricated movie #Chhapaak producers changed the name to Rajesh.

Riddhi @Riddhi_DilSe

Chapaak is story of Laxmi Aggarwal who faced the acid attack at age of 15. Name of the guy who attacked Laxmi Aggarwal with acid was NADEEM KHAN. I am 100% sure that he was not a BJP/RSS Supporter but a voter of Ganga Jamuni left politics. Pls copy, RT this. #chhapaak #librandu

Sojourn @SmitaMukerji

Knowing #Bollytards I'll bet, in the movie #Chhapaak they have not shown real life Laxmi Agarwal's attacker as what he was, a Muslim (Nadeem Khan). #AntiNational #UrbanNaxals #BoycottBollywood

Rajeev Singh Rathore @imraajeev

ISIS most cruel terrorist Mohd. Emwazi who was known 4 beheading ppl becomes jihadi John & 99% still know him as jihadi john. In d same way Acid attacker Nadeem Khan becomes Rajesh in movie #Chhapaak so that ppl believe that it was some Rajesh & not Nadeem." #BoycottChhaapaak

#GauravPradhan @DrGPradhan

Laxmi Agarwal faced a brutal Acid attacked in 2005 in New Delhi by Nadeem Khan as she refused to marry him Question : Why in film @deepikapadukone changed the name "Nadeem Khan" to Hindu name "Rajesh"? Shameless Hindus will still watch film and clap

The Bold Monk @TheBoldMonk2

Boycotting also because #Nadeem the acid attacker is being presented as #Rajesh in #Chhapaak.Bollywood,sorry Da-Wood is sold out & each Bollywoodian supporting anti-hindu forces is intellectually dishonest like you.Can't blame you bcoz your original DNA is anti-national congress

Deepika Padukone in Chhapaak
Deepika Padukone in ChhapaakTwitter

Kripa shanker soni @soni_kripa

How is Deepika Padukone respecting Laxmi if she can't even use the real attacker's real name in Chhapaak? They changed it to RAJESH from Nadeem Khan Deepika is an inspiring woman indeed. #boycottchhapaak @narendramodi @AmitShah Kya ghatiyapan hai ye or app dekh rahe ho

Sidhinath Chaudhary @iamsidhinath

How is Deepika Padukone respecting Laxmi if she can't even use the real attacker's real name in Chhapaak? They changed it to RAJESH from Nadeem Khan. What a business idea, #boycottchhapaak #TanhajiChallenge

Lafuwa @DhutBudbakk

From Guddu (by media) to Ramesh (#Chhapaak). Based on real life but not having the balls to give the culprit name of the same religion of Nadeem Khan. That is only reserved for accolades. @meghnagulzar @deepikapadukone Shame on the director, producer and writer of Chhappak.

Bunny's fan @bhavanal22

I had no plans to watch chhapaak anyway. Till now I was thinking not to tag with #boycottchhapaak ,and give to Tanaji.,but if this is true I will boycott 100 times. That's brutal truth that Nadeem did that cruel attack. Chi

The AweSome 1 @awesome1_tweets

Chhapaak set to release and Deepika Padukone visits JNU. Reason - Solidarity. Slogan - Democracy under threat. Within the movie - Antagonist's name changed from Nadeem Khan to Rajesh. Reason - ??? Motive - ???? #BollywoodForYou

Sagar Paleja @Sagar_Paleja

Has #Chhapaak director @meghnagulzar change its name to Rajesh in the movie ? Understand the real name cannot be used but Nadeem Khan to Rajesh ?

Rahul Gupta @rahulngupta

Here is the list of cast and their character names from #Chappak - no character with a Muslim name appears. So it's true Nadeem Khan (the actual perpetrator) has been replaced by a Hindu character possibly called Rajesh @deepikapadukone #DeepikaPadukone #Chhapaak - v shameful

Atheist_Deepak @DeepakG00002017

Who throw acid on acid survivor @deepikapadukone Nadeem Khan Why in movie name given to (Rajesh) @meghnagulzar ko dar lag raha hai Accused Muslim ka Naam mentioned karne Mai. #Bycott_Chhapaak #Bycott_Chhapaak @vivekagnihotri

Anand @spartan_anand7

A 32 years man Nadeem khan with help of his female friend threw acid on 15 years old Lakshmi Aggarwal when she refused to marry him in 2005. The movie #Chhapaak is based on same incident. But in the movie the name of the accused is shown as Rajesh . I don't know why??