Sourabh Raaj Jain and Ridhima

Sourabh Raaj Jain and wife Ridhima Jain have been 'the underdog couple' on the show Nach Baliye. The duo has slowly and steadily been moving up consistently and raising the bar with their magical performances every week.

Owing to Sourabh Raaj Jain's roles in mythological shows, his fan base is loving the experimentation Sourabh is doing on the Nach stage. Sourabh's popularity across ages has emerged out well as he has participated in a reality show for the first time.

The duo has been experimenting with various dance forms but this time around we hear that Ridhima had a massive chin injury a day before the technical rehearsal.  Our source informs us, "During rehearsals Ridhima slipped and hurt her chin badly.  She was rushed to the hospital for stitches and had a lot of blood loss." 

However, we hear that being the tough fighter she is, Ridhima still managed to do her technical rehearsal the next day as well as performed on stage too. And not just that, she performed with double the power and energy. She also ensured that her injury doesn't become the reason for them losing points or lag behind in the race.

Sourabh took to Instagram to praise Ridhima and wrote, "I always knew you were strong but through Nach I have realised you are a fighter, one who has immense strength to never give up! Your will power inspires me like none other."

Ever since this season of Nach Baliye has begun, it has been going through ups and downs. While many contestants have fallen ill, many have even been injured. Nityaami Shirke, Rohit Reddy, Ridhima Jain are some of the celebs who suffered injuries on the show. Salman Khan and the makers had even organised a Quran reading session to ward off the evil.