Anita Hassandani - Rohit Reddy

Ronita as popularly called, Anita and Rohit, have been giving some of the best performances on Nach Baliye so far. The duo has overcome all obstacles including Rohit's recent illness and bounced back with a perfect Hi-5 last weekend!

The duo, who after receiving a phenomenal response in the first week had to skip a performance owing to Rohit's ill-health, bounced back and how! They mesmerised everyone with their power-packed act and won everyone's hearts again. The couple performed without music, enacting the role of people who are hard of hearing and voice-less. Contestants, judges and audience alike were left astonished.

This time around we hear that Anita and Rohit performed a very hard-hitting patriotic number with gratitude to all those out there who are serving our country! Our source informs us, "The entire set stood up for a standing ovation after Rohit and Anita's acts. Raveena was seen getting extremely emotional as she too recalled a difficult meeting she had with a solider's wife once years ago."

Rohit and Anita have been one of the most versatile jodis so far as last week they took up the challenge of performing without music while this week it seems to be that they have taken the challenges of the men on the border protecting our nation to another level. Having not received a single ounce of criticism yet and garnering praises from audience and judges alike; the duo seems to be the front-runners towards winning the trophy.

During their first performance, Raveena had said, "I am flabbergasted, I couldn't take my eyes off Rohit, he completely owned the performance, Rohit was like an atom bomb that burst on stage.' She ended with telling Anita, 'Aapke ghar mai hi competition hai' (The competition is in your house)."

And with Independence Day having just passed, we are sure this act is going to be a super hit!