SS Rajamouli's RRR is roaring high and how. The film has clinched victory not just among desis but also worldwide. The world is grooving to the foot-tapping number Naatu Naatu, from RRR. The recent to join the bandwagon is BTS' Jungkook.

On Friday, BTS Jungkook, went live on Weverse, the ace performer while listening to RRR's 'Naatu Naatu' seemed joyous and was enjoying the track and was also lip-syncing, leaving desi ARMY really excited.


ARMY upbeat upon seeing BTS Jungkook dancing his heart out

Fans took to Twitter and Instagram to share their excitement. While some social media users could not believe Jungkook was 'vibing to this song', others said he said RRR 'in the cutest way' during the live.


A user mentioned, "Jungkook listening to Naatu Naatu, an Indian song, and saying RRR in the cutest way. Ok, we won at life."


Another mentioned, "Can't believe he's vibing to this song, oh my God." One more said, "Jungkook dancing to Naatu Naatu... might loop this everyday idk (I don't know)."

The one mentioned, "Do you guys know this song? this is from a recent movie called RRR!


Meanwhile, the clip of Jungkook grooving to Naatu Naatu is shared by the RRR team on Instagram,.

"JUNGKOOK... It's amazing to know that you loved Naatu Naatu so much. We are sending a ton of love to you, the BTS team, and the whole of South Korea," mentioned the handle.

Naatu Naatu has been nominated at the 95th Academy Awards in the Best Original song category. Composed by MM Keeravani, the song has gained worldwide popularity. The song previously won the Golden Globe award in the same category. The film has won four prestigious awards at HCA.

Jungkook deleted his Instagram account

Jungkook was in news recently for deleting his Instagram account, which had a massive following. There was speculation that the singer had done so because some suspected stalking but he later took to WeVerse to share the reason behind deactivating his Instagram account. He wrote, "I left Instagram, it has not been hacked. I deleted it because I don't use it much. Don't worry. It's okay, I would rather do WeVerse Lives! I deleted the app immediately. Don't think I'll use it in future, letting you know in advance!"