A quarrel between spouses over fidelity is seen often but here the situation turned tragic for the father-in-law. In an unusual situation, a man from Mysuru was arrested for killing his father-in-law while the man questioned his wife's fidelity. 

The child was Komal's son from her first marriage.IANS

The Mysuru murder case

Saleem an auto driver for 25 years from Mysuru, Karnataka raised his daughter Haseena to the best of his ability so she could study and live a good life. 

One fine day, Saleem found a match for his daughter, Nadim Muhammed Khan who relatively belonged to a poor family but eventually approved as the families met through a matchmaker. 

On the other hand, Nadim who was generally lethargic in nature and unemployed found a job so that he appears to be an eligible bachelor to match up Haseena's financial standards. 

Finally, after Saleem found Nadim suitable for his daughter, he gave Haseena's hand in marriage.  But three years into the marriage, Nadim started revealing his true colours. Lazing around, drinking with friends, quitting his job, Nadim started gradually depending on Saleem for his family expenses. 

Nadim often also got back home drunk and physically abused Haseena accusing her of cheating on him questioning her fidelity time and again. Despite Haseena pleading her innocence, Nadim accused her of having an affair behind his back while he was working.  He continued to harass Haseena to the point that she decided to return to her house. Saleem stood by his daughter's decision despite being threatened by Nadim.

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[Representational Image] Tejas Gowda alias Abhi Gowda arrested by Chikkaballapur police over rape allegations.Creative Commons

After Haseena returned home with her father's support, she bagged a job and moved on from her broken marriage.  Seeing Haseena do well for herself, Nadim called up Haseena several times and abused and accused her of having an affair. She turned a deaf ear to him. 

One day Nadeem got drunk and decided to pick Haseena from her house. So he went to her house to find her while she was still at work. A brawl, broke out between the two as Nadim accused Saleem for his daughter's affair. He also told Saleem that gave his daughter too much freedom and was to be blamed for their failed marriage. 

Saleem tried to calm Nadim down who was agitated, requesting him to leave and sleepover the intoxication as he was extremely drunk and misbehaved. 

Enraged by this, Nadim stabbed Saleem in the presence of his mother in law. tried to shift him to the hospital but Saleem had suffered severe injuries and couldn't survive 

Police statement

The Police nabbed Nadim immediately and put him behind bars. Muthuraj, SP, Mysuru said in an official statement, "A man named Nadim alleged that his wife, Haseena, had an affair. The couple quarrelled about it constantly.

"Haseena's father, Saleem, was supportive of his daughter's decisions when she decided to return to her house. Nadim warned his father-in-law that he would kill him. He wanted Haseena to come back and pick his wife. Saleem tried to stop him and Nadim killed his father-in-law with a knife."

The situation has left Haseena devastated due to her broken marriage and now losing her major support system, her father Saleem.