Srikanth Rao
Srikanth Rao

In a country like India where gay/lesbian relationships are not open-handedly accepted, people belonging to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender (LGBT) community find it difficult to match their perfect life partner.

Now, a 43-year-old Srikanth Rao, who resides in Mysuru, Karnataka, has come forward looking for a same gender partner for him. Srikanth seeks for a single man aged between 35 to 50 with a "bonus" -- sense of humour. The matrimonial profile has been posted on Queerala, a website that supports LGBT in Kerala, after he was advised by one of his friends.

Srikanth, who works in the field of medical transcription, says that he was in a relationship for about eight years till 2010, when he was in Seattle, US. "I understands and speak basic Malayalam though I cannot read or write it. I am financially independent, humorous and generally takes an easy path in life. I believe I have perspective of what to take seriously and what not," Srikanth writes on his profile.

Unlike many others, Srikanth has said that his family and friends have accepted his sexual orientation and added that he is expecting his would-be partner to be financially independent. "With regard to physical attributes, I really have none – some I am attracted to and some I am not," he added.

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Meanwhile, in 2015, gay activist Harish Iyer's mother had also posted a matrimonial advertisement for her son looking for grooms that went viral on social media. Following the first such matrimonial ad, Harish had then received more than 70 proposals within a day from different parts of the world.