Ten days after recovering six bodies including five members of a family in mysterious circumstances, the Jammu and Kashmir Police arrived at a conclusion that it was a case of mass suicide because all the deceased were in depression in one way or another.

While two victims of this mysterious suicide case were bedridden due to medical issues, others were convinced by Noor-ul-Habib, who was financially supporting the ill-fated family, to end their lives.

According to police Noor-ul-Habib has motivated the family of five–an elderly woman, her two daughters, a specially-abled son, and a grandson to die by suicide as both the families were under depression due to various pending court cases and medical conditions.

Two houses from where six bodies of two family members were recoveredsocial media

Five members of a family and one Noor-ul-Habib committed suicide by injecting drugs in parts with the help of a health worker who was unaware of their plan of mass suicide.

They died due to an overdose of drugs which they decided to administer to end their lives. However, a health worker and a plumber were arrested for not informing the police on time to save lives.

Burari family mass suicide
The house bore no signs of ransacking or theft and even the jewellery on the women was untouched, due to which he investigators remained clueless for hours.ANI

Helpless family could not resist Habib's idea of mass suicide

According to police, Habib, a native of Srinagar moved to Jammu in 1997 and was bearing all financial expenditures to his next-door neighbour Sakeena who was working as a domestic help at his home.

Sakeena, originally hailing from Doda district, was facing several court cases and two of her children were specially abled.

Appearing in one of the cases in the first week of August, Habib who was also himself facing several litigations motivated Sakeena, her daughter Rubeena and grandson Sajad Ali to end their lives.

How six members died by suicide?

According to police, after deciding to end their lives they started working on their plan on August 5, by bringing cannulas, drips, and medicines from chemist shops and deactivating the CCTV the next day.

Services of health worker Sanjeev Kumar, known to Habib, were utilized to fix cannulas on all the persons, while a plumber, Vijay Kumar was paid Rs 2.50 lakh by Habib to dig a pit in the house of Sakeena.

On 7th August, they infused drugs into Zaffar Saleem and Naseema. Zaffar Saleem and Naseema passed away on 12th August.

After the death of two, medicines were infused into Sakina, and later Noor, Sajjad, and Rubina also started having IV fluids.

On 14th August, morning Sakina also died, and on August 15 afternoon remaining three members also died due to an overdose.

Six bodies recovered on August 16

Six bodies were recovered from two adjoining houses on August 16 in the Sidhara area of Tawi Vihar on the outskirts of Jammu city.

The deceased included a woman and her two daughters and a son. Five of the deceased are from Marmat Doda and one from the Barzulla area of Srinagar.

The bodies of Noor Ul Habib, Sajad Ahmad Magrey, Sakina Begum, and her daughter Naseema Akhter were found dead inside Habib's house in the Tawi Vihar locality of Sidhra. The bodies of Rubina Bano and her brother Zafar Salim were recovered from a nearby house.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Jammu Chandan Kohli had constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to conduct a probe into the whole incident. The SIT is headed by Sanjay Sharma SP Rural and comprised of Pardeep Kumar SDPO Nagrota, InspectorVishav Partap SHO Nagrota, and Sub-Inspector Majid Hussain incharge of Police Post Sidhra.