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A five-foot long mysterious creature has washed up on the Rhossili beach, in Swansea. At first glimpse, it looks like a crocodile, but experts have ruled out this possibility. The unidentified creature is baffling locals and scientists alike.

The dead mysterious creature has a very long head with a huge jawline. Its slim tail is very similar to that of a crocodile, and a considerable amount of the body's mid-portion has already decayed.

"When you look at it the first time you may think it is a crocodile, but it is certainly not. Its jawline suggests it is like a cetacean whale or a dolphin" said Dan Forman, a researcher at the Swansea University, BBC reports.

The weird-looking creature was initially discovered by a 41-year-old woman named Beth Janetta who was walking her dog along with the beach. The woman soon took the picture of the decaying carcass, and shared it with experts to unravel the mystery.

"I was going for a run with my dogs when I came across it. It looked like a well-rotted cetacean to me. Other people think it is something different, like a crocodile. It would be very interesting to find out what species it is," said Beth Janetta, Express UK reports.

Mark Hipkin, the National Trust area manager who collected the remains of the mysterious creature revealed that the dead remains might be that of a porpoise.

"We have porpoises washing up quite regularly, as well as dolphins and seals - and sometimes sheep," said Hipkin.

The new finding comes just a month after a mysterious dead creature, with fangs and black spikes, was found on the banks of River Mersey in North West England. The carcass had washed ashore and was found badly decomposed. Experts believe that it could have died a long time ago. The bizarre monster is yet to be identified. However, scientists believe that the carcass discovered is that of a dolphin or porpoise.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists has started claiming that the creatures washed ashore in both these incidents are actually aliens living underwater.