YouTube: Third Phase of Moon

Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel, 'Third Phase of Moon' operated by Blake Cousins has recently uploaded a video that shows an unidentified flying object (UFO) shooting past a SpaceX satellite. The YouTube channel revealed that the footage of this mysterious sighting was captured by the camera onboard SpaceX's Amos 17 satellite which was launched earlier this week.

After analysing the trajectory of the UFO, Blake cousins ruled out the possibility of this object being space debris.

"It's moving and shoots straight ahead, then banks to the left. That's what makes this video very cool. What is it? Is it powered by something? How can it make a bank to the left in space unless it has its only propulsion system? The whole idea of this just being space debris, you would see it continue in a straight trajectory. But it does this unusual maneuver that defies any logic," said the uploaders of the video.

As the video uploaded by the Third Phase of Moon went viral, viewers of the conspiracy theory channel also put forward various theories to explain the weird phenomenon. Most of the viewers who watched the video claimed that the UFO spotted in the video could be an alien spaceship.

"Saw that SpaceX stream live and thought the same thing about that Anomaly. wicked cool," commented Jason Semerau, a YouTube user.

"That's not space junk. We are watching the skies and they are watching us," commented Cosmic Drive, another YouTuber. '

A few days back, a YouTube user named Tom Brown had uploaded a video on YouTube that shows two triangular UFOs hovering very near to the International Space Station (ISS). After analysing the clip, popular UFO hunter Scott C Waring assured that these sightings are proof of extraterrestrial existence. However, skeptics dismissed the alien angle and made it clear that the UFO could be actually reflections of objects inside the ISS.