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YouTube screenshot/ secureteam10

A mysterious phenomenon in the skies -- a purple light glowing in the clouds-- left the spectators baffled in the Philippines recently.

It appeared to the viewers that the light was being emitted from within the dense clouds and it was not because of any light pollution from Earth.

The spectators recorded the video of this bizarre yet mesmerizing incident. What is more bizarre is that the light disappears instantly towards the end of the recorded footage. It looks like somebody just switched it off. [Watch the video at the end of the article]

So far, there has been no explanation on what actually caused this phenomenon. This is not the first instance which left everyone perplexed.

Another incident related to the mysterious lights had taken place last year in January, when a stunning phenomenon was observed by people in Ontario, Canada in which strange streaks of light beautifully decorated the skies.

Timmy Joe Elzinga, who had captured the phenomenon on his smartphone's camera on January 6, 2017 at 1:30 am believed that those rays of light were Northern Lights.

These beautiful pillars of lights are formed by the crystal fog as it reflected light emitted by vehicles and other urban infrastructure. These light pillars belonged to the halo family and were defined as an optical phenomenon according to a Science Alert report.

Watch the footage of the mysterious purple light in the skies above the Philippines here:

YouTube/ secureteam10