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Numerous UFO sightings reportedly took place near a military base in the US, making alien hunters speculate that Earth's war-related preparations are being closely observed by the extraterrestrials.

The Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, US, is being monitored by aliens, according to alien hunters.

The most recent UFO sighting had been reported on January 24. A black object having a size of more than half an acre was reportedly seen near the Malmstrom Air Force Base.

A revelation has also been made by the website UFO Hunters -- which keeps a record of UFO sightings. The website said stated that there was a power outage at the Air Force Base when the strange object was spotted. The power cut lasted for around 10 minutes.

The base is considered to be a hotspot for UFO activities, with almost 20 UFO sightings reported in the past one decade there.

A shocking revelation was also made by Capt Robert Salas, a former employee at the Malmstrom Air Force Base. He said 10 missiles had shut down in 1967 because of a UFO.

"I was on duty when an object came over and hovered directly over the site," Salas was quoted by Express as saying.

"The missiles shut down -- 10 Minuteman missiles. And the same thing happened at another site a week later. There's a strong interest in our missiles by these objects, wherever they come from. I personally think they're not from planet Earth," he added.

The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) had recently released a map which showed the UFO sightings being reported from across the US. This led to the finding that the maximum number of UFO sightings took place in regions where US military installations are located.

"When laying that same map of reported UFO sightings over a US map showing the locations of all military installations, an interesting trend starts to emerge," stated Alex Hollings, a retired US duty marine, who writes for Sofrep.com, a news and intelligence service run by former special operations veterans.

"Many of the regions that seem to show a high frequency of UFO reports coincide with the locations of military installations. For the conspiracy-minded, this might mean our alien visitors have taken a particular interest in what our military is up to," Hollings was quoted by Express as saying.

"Others might be inclined to conclude many of these supposed UFO sightings may be nothing more than misidentified military aircraft," he said.