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A mysterious crater has been found in the south of France which left the residents baffled. The crater was found on Lido beach in Nice -- a French resort town. The strange hole is 5-metre wide and 2-metre deep.

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This crater has triggered a few speculations as some people came up with several theories. Some thought it is a volcano while others said it's a geyser, 20 Minutes, a local newspaper reported.

Another person stated that a meteorite created the perfectly round hole. This crater is just a few metres away from the sea and is filled with salty water.

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The authorities, on the other hand, stated that this mysterious sinkhole is natural and doesn't pose any threat to anyone's safety.

The Mayor of Nice rubbished all speculations and tweeted: "No worries, it's a natural phenomenon that happens four times a year. And for journalists – no, the tram did not make a detour."

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A similar instance took place a few week back too, when a similar sinkhole had formed in the middle of a roadway in downtown Nice. This sinkhole was present near the underground tramline which is presently under construction, Paris Match reported.

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