It has been a long wait for "The Musketeers" since the season 2 finale on 27 March, and it is not going to end soon. While we have not received a confirmed date for season 3 premiere, it has been understood that "The Musketeers" will return in January 2016, the release date is somewhere between 2 and 16.

We do know that the cast and crew are in "Sunny Prague" shooting for the upcoming episodes, and some photos from the set have were released on "The Musketeers" Facebook page in June. You can see them here:

Fans will remember all the key moments from the season 2 finale, including Comte de Rocehfort's (Marc Warren) death, D'artagnan (Lue Pasquaino) and Contance Bonacieux's (Tamla Kari) wedding, Aramis' (Santiago Cabrera) decision to be a priest and the Athos' (Tom Burke) newly appointed captaincy.

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To move the story forward, many new characters will be introduced in season 3. Here are some of them:

Matt Stokoe as Captain Georges Marcheaux: The new captain of the Red Guard is expected to butt heads with the Musketeers, as per the history of the two groups. Stokoe, who has reportedly spent a lot of time in the Prague sets, will have a memorable role in the series, and his character in particular is said to cause more issues for the Musketeers. However, the two groups will have to work together at the wake of the war.

Rupert Everett as Philippe Achille: A corrupt governor of Paris and head of the Red Guard, Achille is an illegitimate brother to Louis XII (Ryan Gage).

Matthew McNulty as Lucian Grimaud: McNulty's character is described as a vicious criminal and moneylender, who has clawed his way to the top and will go to any lengths to survive.

Laura Haddock as Pauline: Very little is known about the character, other than the fact that she will be spearing in a guest role in season 3 of "The Musketeers".

Thalissa Teixeira as Sylvie: Introduced in episode 2 titled "The Hunger", Sylvie is a Paris resident, who is affected by the war.