The Musketeers spoilers
The Musketeers spoilersFacebook/ The Musketeers

Popular historical drama series "The Musketeers" on BBC wrapped up series 2 on 27 March, and fans have been anxiously waiting for any information regarding series 3.

While we do know that the show has been renewed for another season, the release date is yet to be officially declared. However, considering the release dates for the previous seasons were both in January, -- 19 January 2014 for series 1 and 2 January 2015 for series 2 – the third season can be expected in January 2016.

Meanwhile, "My Best Friend's Wedding" star Rupert Everett has signed on for a meaty role in the upcoming season, even as "The Musketeers" creator Adrian Hodges announces his quitting the show. Hodges has said that continuously working on the intense show for four consecutive years, he did not have the energy for another season. Regardless, there seems to be no bad blood between him and "The Musketeers" team.

Moreover, "The Musketeers" show-runners have a great story arch planned for series 3. With the death of Rochefort (Marc Warren) in the season 2 finale, there is huge and reputed spot for a negative character in the BBC series. Both Rochefort and Cardinal Richelieu, played by the incomparable Peter Capaldi have been played a huge part in making the series affable to so many fans.

Who will fill it? Everett or "The Mill" star Mathew McNulty, who has officially announced to be another new addition to "The Musketeers" in series 3.

Evertte is set to play the corrupt politician Philippe Achille, who also happens to be an illegitimate brother to the King, Louis XVIII (Ryan Gage). Meanwhile McNulty has been hired to portray an ambitious criminal who clashes with our heroes, and has headed over to Prague for costume fittings ahead of the next season.

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