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Director Vinay Bharadwaj's Kannada movie Mundina Nildana starring Praveen Tej, Radhika Chetan, Ananya Kashyap and Ajay Raj has positive reviews and ratings from the film critics and audience in its special screening.

Mundina Nildana, which means next stop, is a romantic comedy film and debutant Vinay Bharadwaj has written the story, screenplay and dialogues for the movie, which is bankrolled by Coastal Breeze Production. The flick has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 106.30 minutes.

Mundina Nildana story: It is about three people - Partha, Meera and Ahana, who are on three different pages of life. It becomes one hell of a ride, when their paths cross. It is their liberating journey, which will help them to travel to their next destination. They question everything - relationships, passions and careers. How they will be able to find their next stop on their journey forms the crux of the film.

Performance: Praveen Tej, Radhika Chetan, Ananya Kashyap and Ajay Raj have done justice to their roles and their acting and chemistry are the highlight of Mundina Nildana. Dattanna and other supporting artistes have done good jobs and they are also among the assets of the film, say the critics and audience.

Technical: Mundina Nildana has decent production values and exotic locales and beautiful picturisation make the film a visual treat. Songs, background score and dialogues are the other attractions on the technical front, they add.

Mundina Nildana movie review: We bring you some critics and audience's verdict and ratings for the film. Scroll down to see them.

Times of India Rating: 3.5

Mundina Nildana is definitely one of the most good-looking films in recent times and it does merit a watch, if you like slice-of-life dramas with a hint of philosophical tones.

Bangalore Mirror Rating: 3

Strictly urbane and fiercely independent characters dot this beautiful landscape brought to life by the debutant director. Vinay Bharadwaj presents a story of the upper crust. The locations, presentation, language and everything else mirror this cream and so does the story.

Chitraloka Rating: 5

Now, a photographer, Partha is at a stage where he has to decide on moving on with the life and his goal set on a new journey. There is more to it than just the three lives, as Mundina Nildana is a celebration of life, relationships and much more. Make sure your next stop is at a theatre near you which is screening Mundina Nildana from this Friday. @cineloka

#MundinaNildana Interval. Refreshing narrative. Cinematography and Music are Top Class #MundinaNildana - A Pleasant Entertainer by Debutant @vinaybdwaj. Technically Brilliant Abhimanyu Camerawork is Awesome . Songs & BGM are too good. Lead actors @PraveenTej13, @thizizradhika & Ananya Kashyap have done fab job. Barring few flaws, It is worth a dekko. 3.25/5.