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The promos of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 on Wednesday, June 20, had given an impression of Mumtaz being arrogant, who try to call the shots in the house. It reaffirmed the belief of many who see a Gayathri from the first season of the show in her. To everybody's surprise, the people's views apparently changed once the episode was aired in the evening.

Since the start of the second season, Mumtaz is compared to Gayathri, a senior and popular contestant among the inmates in the first season. She was considered by the netizens as the level-headed, who tried to have strangled control over the house.

Like Gayathri, Mumtaz too is a well-known celebrity. She is upfront and speaks without worrying about consequence. And the viewers mistook her straight-forward nature for arrogance. But the latest episode has given some clarity about her behaviour.

On Wednesday's episode in Bigg Boss Tamil, an issue arose between Nithya and Mumtaz, the captain of the cooking team. The problem that could have been fixed by themselves was brought to everybody's notice in the house, creating needless arguments.

Once the tension started easing down, Mumtaz tried to pacify Nithya and tried to give clarity to the issue. But the latter was unconvinced and apparently not interested to sort out the differences.

How audience react?
The image of Mumtaz in the viewers' mind has changed to some extent after the episode was aired. Many on Twitter have extended her good gesture to solve the issue while slamming Nithya. The fans have also come up with funny memes after the argument started over adding onion to the food. 

Here, we bring you selected-few posted by the netizens along with funny memes created by the fans of the show:

You Tamil: Not justifying #Nithya's behaviour. She could have relented not for #ThadiBalaji but for others. #mahat kept telling her nicely. So did #Mumtaz. But it didn't help that they kept talking in double meaning too. #biggbosstamil #biggbosstamil2 #பிக்பாஸ் #பிக்பாஸ்2

prasanna kumar: #Nithya bringing an issue to public b4 discussing it properly with her inner circle (u got it)
#Ponambalam wlkng out of the scene when a dispute is on.
#Mumtaz taking an effort to talk calmly to Nithya aftr the argmnt.
#GoodOrBad #பிக்பாஸ் #Bigboss2Tamil

Roopii᷈: Dei @vijaytelevision stop portraying mumtaj as the next namitha and Gayathri... even if she is a straight forward and old fashioned person she is not an evil hearted cheating lady like those Two.. #biggbosstamil #BiggBossTamil2

Ponnambalam Army: That promo portrayed Mumtaj like she's evil but she's actually the only one to open up and speak her mind to Nithya, for the contestants own good #biggbosstamil

Mia: Am I the only one who dislikes Janani Iyer ? She seems like a big time bully! #BiggBossTamil #BiggBoss #biggboss2 #VijayTV

Troll Bigg Boss Tamil 2: I am with #Mumtaj. She is genuine ❣️❣️❣️
Theri theri nu therikura

Oviya Family: Mumtaj though sounds rude , is being herself , not acting like janani , full support to mumtaz #BiggBossTamil #BiggBossTamil2

Prin_cess_07: Raise your hands if u were right about Mumtaz.
She is such a matured person and pls stop comparing her with #gayathri
#BiggBossTamil #BiggBossTamil2

BIGG BOSS - TAMIL: LIVE: First I thought mumtaz was rude , but she is the matured person in the house itseems , advising balaji , made clear decisions and etc.,.

Justice league: Nithya Balaji is very disrespectful towards Mumtaj in this episode. Nithya Balaji is a worse than Julie. Big Boss season 2 is going to get a bit more entertaining as the days go on. #BiggBossTamil2 #BiggBossTamil #BigBossTamil #BiggBossTelugu2 #vijaytv #KamalHaasan #Mumtaj

RubyPrabakaran: #Mumtaz wow i really misjudged u coz of the stupid promo... The way u advised #balaji s simply awesome.. U r the most beautiful women in BB2 Love u dear.. #biggbosstamil