RJ Vaishnavi's hot swimsuit pictures from Bigg Boss Tamil house leaked?
RJ Vaishnavi sports swimsuit in Bigg Boss Tamil 2 house.Twitter

A couple of pictures of RJ Vaishnavi from Bigg Boss Tamil 2 house have been allegedly leaked online. 

There are a few pictures of Vaishnavi in black swimsuit doing rounds on social media sites. In the said photos, she is seen inside the pool, relaxing with the other inmates like Balaji, Shariq Hassan and Daniel Annie Pope.

It is rumoured that the pictures are from the day one of Bigg Boss Tamil 2, but it has not been aired on the television as such scenes might not go well with the family audience.

"A" certificate should be given for KamalHaasan's #BiggBoss2. Unable to watch with family, annoying. #BiggBossTamil. [sic]" Hari Prabhakaran, a viewer has commented on Twitter.

Like in the Hindi version, Bigg Boss Tamil was not targeted at just youth, but all sections of the audience. So, the scenes that were unfit to be watched by kids and family members were not telecast in the first season of the Vijay TV show. 

But the second season has already indicated that it will be bold in nature. 

Coming back to Vaishnavi, she impressed Kamal Haasan with her matured talk before entering the house. "Your speak like 59-year-old and not like a 29-year-old girl," the host had commented.

First Day Highlights:
The contestants tried to know each other well on the first day of Kamal Haasan-hosted show. A few contestants were surprised to know that Nithya is the estranged wife of Balaji.

Mumtaj has apparently upset a couple of inmates. This became evident after many called her out during the nomination process. Although there will be no elimination this week, the inmates were asked to nominate the inmates. Anand Vaidyanathan, Riythvika and Nithya's names were also mentioned by a few contestants.

Janani Iyer has become the captain of the house after garnering maximum votes from the inmates. Mumtaj and Mahat Raghavendra were also in the race.