The South Indian eatery Muttu Dosa Corner, a popular food stall in Mumbai's Dadar area with their variety of dishes has won the hearts of people but what has left the visitors jaw dropped is a man and his technique of serving 'Rajinikanth-style' dosa.

Being a fan of the Indian superstar Rajnikanth, he tried to imitate his style in his dosa serving technique.

Mumbai Dosa

The stall has been popular with its regular visitors, and since the video went viral, it has attracted the attention of the whole nation. The Facebook video has been widely circulated after being shared across various social media platforms. So far, the clip has garnered more than 77 million views and has clocked over 1.5M likes and thousands of comments.

 The stall owner's finishes preparing dosa and fling it high in the air passing it over straight to the waiting helper. His signature style of making, cutting, plating and sliding the dosa in not more than split seconds has amused everyone on the internet.

rajnikanth style dosa

A user of the social networking site remarked in the comments lauding the dosa vendor's showmanship. The comment appreciated the way he was sliding the plates. Another person took notice of the assistant who was catching the plates. The person said that going by his smooth bucketing, it seems he would make a great wicket-keeper.

Earlier, another flying dosa video from Mumbai went viral. The place grabbed attention for the serving style of the vendor. The dosas were seen flying straight from the pan to the plate. The expert dosa seller prepares and then flips dosa into the air before it reaches the plate of the waiting customers.