Cardiac arrest
Diabetes and smoking are a few factors that can cause heart stroke.Creative Commons

A 22-year-old fitness enthusiast in Mumbai is reportedly fighting for his life after he suffered a cardiac arrest while at the gym in Central Mumbai on July 7.

The video of Adnan Memon, a resident of Crawford Market, collapsing within seconds of lifting weights has gone viral. As per the family, Memon was a fitness enthusiast and had been gymming for over five years.

The video was captured on the CCTV at the gym and widely shared on WhatsApp along with a rumour that he was dead. Memon, who is studying MBA at a college in Andheri, is currently in the ICU at Saboo Siddique Hospital near Bhendi Bazaar. 

As soon as he collapsed, he was brought to Wockhardt Hospital, in South Mumbai where doctors were able to revive him with CPR. Shockingly, and much to the family's relief, Memon came back to life, nearly 10-12 minutes after his heart stopped. He was then shifted to Saboo Siddique Hospital on 13 July.

Neurologist Dr Rahul Chakor, one of the doctors tending to Memon, said that the few minutes were enough to leave his brain seriously damaged due to a lack of oxygen. Currently, Memon is minimally conscious and able to follow basic commands. 

At this stage, as per Dr. Chakor it is hard to tell if Memon will be able to completely recover since the loss of oxygen has affected the part of the brain responsible for higher functions. The family has chosen not to file a complaint against the gym, saying that it was not their fault, but have questioned why such a large gym did not have an in-house doctor.

Brijesh Singh, Director General of the Directorate General of Information and Public Relations (DGIGPR) has urged people to refrain from spread false news through messages, adding that the police was working on a campaign to create awareness on the impact of social media messages.