Murder crime scene
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In a horrifying incident, a woman and her lover tortured the former's husband while he was asleep in an attempt to murder him. The duo poured hot oil on the man's chest, rubbed his eyes with chilli powder, gave him a series of electric shocks and ended up locking him in the toilet of their apartment. The incident took place on Tuesday evening in Mumbai.

The man, identified as 38-year-old Bavishya Burhagohain, is married to Quincia since 2014. Bavishya is originally from Assam but he and his wife, 28, were settled in Mumbai. He works at a call centre while Quincia is a homemaker. She was invoved in a relationship with 24-year-old Satvir Nair, a Mehendi artist in a mall in Vasai.

The affair had triggered many fights between the couple who had also moved from their apartment in Naigaon to a new apartment in Vasai so they would not be near Nair. However, Nair also moved to same apartment complex, Hindustan Times reports. This development lead to many fights between the already troubled couple.

Nitin Falfale, the assistant police inspector at Manickpur police station, said that on Tuesday evening, Bavishya came home from work, had a fight with Quincy and went to sleep. When he was asleep, Quincy, who was furious, called Satvik and the two of them agreed to murder Bhavishya. They began by first stripping the sleeping Bavishya to his underwear. They then proceeded to pour hot oil on his bare chest, hit him with a hammer and also threw chilli powder in his eyes.

Bhavishya has woken by now and his vision was severely compromised began throwing whatever he could find, including pots, pans and cookers, at his attackers and some of the vessels fell from the window attracting the neighbours' attention.

 "As some items flew out of the window, the neighbours called us. When we reached the spot, Quincia and Nair were sitting calmly on the sofa, while the kids were crying. We handed the kids to the neighbours, who then sent them to Quincia's relatives," Falfale said.

According to the report, The victim was admitted to JJ Hospital in the city and is in a critical condition. Quincy and Nair have been arrested and charged under section 307 (attempt to murder) of the indian Penal Code.

Inspector Falfale said, "They have been remanded in police custody till August 20."