The second wave of COVID-19 in India has created new challenges and many states are struggling to manage the prevailing health crisis. While there have been some gut-wrenching tales of how COVID patients are dying due to lack of proper medical assistance. Shortage of oxygen has added to the mounting troubles India is facing currently and efforts are still underway to meet hospitals' demand for medical oxygen. Amidst all this chaos, some good people are doing their bit to help in any capacity they can, which restores faith in humanity.

A 51-year-old teacher and her husband, who is a decorator, both living in Mumbai's Malvani locality have gone above and beyond their way to help COVID patients and provide them with oxygen cylinders at a time when the nation is facing its shortage. Rozy and Pascal Saldanha have managed to help eight people in need of oxygen cylinders. In doing so, the couple had to make some significant sacrifices.

Mumbai woman donates her oxygen cylinder, sells jewellery to buy more for COVID patients

Putting others' needs before their own

To give a perspective of just how far this couple went to help those in need, Rozy and Pascal sold their jewellery to buy the oxygen cylinders for Rs 80,000. The couple also donated two tonnes of pulses and grain during the pandemic.

Rozy and Pascal didn't stop there. Rozy, who is bedridden and could need oxygen anytime, gave away their own medical oxygen cylinder they had kept in case of an emergency. Rozy suffers from multiple ailments, making her prone to infections easily. Her kidneys failed five years ago and has been on dialysis since. She even slipped into coma four times and has suffered a brain haemorrhage, Mid-Day reported. The family has reportedly spent over Rs 2 crore for treatment of Rozy and setting up medical infra at home.

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"I do not know how long I will live. I had some jewellery in my possession that was of no use. Selling them can save the lives of a few," Rozy said.