Picture for representation. Mumbai police recently shared a meme to educate people about internet safetyPUNIT PARANJPE/AFP/Getty Images

After Hyderabad Traffic Police, it is the Mumbai police who have won millions of hearts with their wit to warn people about weak passwords.

If you are someone who is active on Twitter, you must have seen a viral picture of a broken latch fixed with a crispy Kurkure – a variety of corn puff. The picture represents the failure of people who try to put up a false pretense, in controlling something desperately.

Mumbai police have used the same picture to prove a point about weak passwords. With cybercrimes increasing day by day, Mumbai Police social media team shared the picture from their social media handle on June 9 with a caption "If this is your password, you are doomed."

Their comparison of a kurkure with a password has left netizens in splits. The meme also comes with a post that says "Passwords are not for mere consolation! They must ensure protection".

One person even commented on the post saying: "If you wish to make your morning good, then trust on Mumbai police 24×7 and check the Twitter feed everyday"

Check out the tweet here:

A few months ago, Hyderabad Traffic Police garnered praise for their funny post on road safety. The cops had commented on an image that showed a person riding without a helmet. The offender's bike mudguard had the following words: "No Helmet, I die like real men."

The traffic police's social media team posted a picture of the offender and the e-challan issued for him, along with a very sarcastic message. They wrote: "We r extremely Sorry Mr. Krishna Reddy Sir. We won't let U die. We will see that U "LIVE LIKE REAL MEN". Please wear helmet & ride".

Here's the tweet: