Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries and one of the richest people in the world, needs no introduction. Yet when a fake account is created in his name, thousands of people fall for the oldest trick in the book. Mukesh Ambani doesn't have his own social media account, but a lot of fan-made accounts sharing updates about the billionaire have cropped up over the years. But the thing about these parody accounts is that they explicitly mention they are not real and only created with the intention of sharing regular updates from Ambani's life, which is already available publicly.

But the recent deals closed by Mukesh Ambani with Facebook and Silver Lake for Jio Platforms put a global spotlight on the coveted businessman. Cashing in on that popularity, a Twitter account pretending to be run by none other than Mukesh Ambani was created a few days ago. What's more, this fake account gained thousands of followers in a matter of days.

Mukesh Ambani
Mukesh AmbaniTwitter

Mukesh Ambani's fake Twitter handle

The fake Twitter handle posing as Mukesh Ambani has tweeted several posts in the last few hours, which drew attention to the account. The Ambani's image in the display picture is the first one that pops up when you run his name on Google Search. In the header image is a photo of Ambani with his wife Nita Ambani. The account doesn't follow anyone, but gained over 8,000 followers on Wednesday. Come Thursday, the number more than doubled and now stands at 17,000 followers as of this writing.

Mukesh Ambani fake Twitter handle
Mukesh Ambani fake Twitter handle

The first tweet sent from the account says: "Finally I joined Twitter..." This was followed by several tweets in Hindi and RT of those tweets. The fake account hasn't managed to fool any verified account holders, except for Padma Shri Amitabh Mattoo, who follows this parody account thinking it is real.

Mukesh Ambani fake Twitter handle
Mukesh Ambani fake Twitter handle

How is it fake?

A few pointers will indicate the account is fake and doesn't need an official confirmation from an RIL spokesperson. First of all, all noted celebs and influential accounts get a blue verified tick on their accounts. That's missing on this fake one, naturally.

The second one is the account handle: "@Mukesh_Ambani_". We have also reached out to the company to issue a statement or a fake alert in this regard to make sure false information is not spread using this parody account.