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7:57 pm - Shagun steps down to save Samyuktha from elimination. Shagun and Handa will never become an ideal match again on the show. 

Samyuktha thanks Handa for leaving her powers to save her and tells everyone how she stood by her side ever since Shagun expressed his love for her. 

Shagun too apologises to Handa and thanks her to taking a stand for him and Handa appreciates his gratitude towards her. 

7:56 pm - Oracle tells Splitsvillans that to save Samyuktha from elimination someone has to sacrifice their position and if they give up their position, they could not become an ideal match again in the villa. 

7:47 pm - As Samyukhta sheds tears in sadness, Oracle starts buzzing and there might be a new twist in the store for the Splitsvillans. 

7:46 pm - Samyuktha will now have to leave the villa. "I am definitely upset about leaving. I will miss Shagun because I have spent a lot of time with him in the villa. I'm feeling bad obviously," Samyuktha says before saying the villa. 

7:45 pm - Kabir and Maera face the Oracle and they are not an ideal match. 

7:43 pm - "Ussi tarah ghisat ke villa se bahar phekunga tujhe jaise pheka tha, aur iss baar maafi bhi nai maangunga," says Shagun to Fahad.

Once again Shagun threatened to throw Fahad out of the villa. But look who stood by his side, Fahad's best friend Anushka.

7:40 pm - Power also lies in the hands of Dutta and Fahad and look who they chose to vote out! It's Ssamyuktha. Shagun is angry and has got himself into a nasty fight with Fahad.

Arushi and Fahad too have voted out Samyuktha. Now if Kabir and Maera become an ideal match, Samyuktha will have to leave the villa and if even they don't, she will still have to leave the villa. 

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7:39 pm - Kabeer and Gaurav are in a fight yet again. "Maarte maarte Delhi le jaunga, Delhi mein phir maarunga," says Gaurav to Kabeer. Gaurav seems to be very angry as Kabeer tried to break his gang by voting Sam out.

7:38 pm - "It's amazing how Kabeer ki baat saari ladkiyaan maanti hai," says Gaurav to Kabeer and calls him fattu. 

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7:35 pm - Anushka argues with Kabir and asks him why did he struck Mehak's name off and voted out Samyuktha. 

7:34 pm - Aarushi and Fahad decided to send Kabir and Maera to face the ORACLE. While Maera wanted to send Mehak out, Kabeer struck her name off and voted Samyukhta out.

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7:33 pm - Shruti says, "GAME ON!" Sunn rahe ho Splitsvillans? Shruti will now be seeking revenge against Anshuman and Roshni who sent Rohan home and broke her connection. 

7:32 pm - Shruti couldn't stop crying as Rohan leaves tonight. The couple hug each other tightly for the one last time on the villa before saying goodbye. 

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7:31 pm - "Shruti, you have got the most beautiful heart, full of love. I consider you as the most gorgeous woman along with my mom. All I want to let you know is, I love you a lot, I care for you a lot," says Rohan before leaving Splitsvilla XI.

7:30 pm - Gaurav revealed that after everything that happened between Shruti and Rohan, things became fine again just before the dome session. But destiny had something else written for them, because Rohan will leave the villa tonight. 

7:29 pm - And to everyone's shock, Anshuman and Roshni reveal the name written on the cue card, and it is none other than Rohan.

7:27 pm - Anshuman and Roshni get a special power now. They will now decide who they want to send home today. 

Shruti and Shagun pleads to Anshuman and Roshni to save Rohan and Samyuktha from elimination. 

7:25 pm - As Anshuman and Roshni guessed it right about Anushka and Kabir, the couple are now in power. 

After losing powers, Anushka and Kabir will now have to perform together to save themselves from elimination. 

7:24 pm - And according to the calculations of the Oracle, Kabir and Anushka are not an ideal match anymore. 

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7:23 pm - Anshuman and Roshni think Anushka and Kabir are not an ideal match anymore and decided to send them to face the Oracle.

7:22 pm - Gaurav clarifies that he went up to every girl in the villa and talked to them about switching and he spoke to Anushka as well. He further said that Kabir felt insecure and asked Gaurav to back off and not Anushka. 

7:21 pm - Roshni reveals that Mehak thinks that Kabir is her ideal match while Gaurav thinks Anushkla is his ideal match. 

Mehak strongly believes that Kabeer is her ideal match and don't mind pairing up with him either, but Kabeer has made his decision to stick with Anushka.

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7:20 pm - There is one ideal match in the villa which is not actually an ideal match. If Roshni and Anshuman find out who that couple is, they will be blessed with powers otherwise they will have to bear the consequences.

And it looks like Anshuman and Roshni are looking confident that they are found the ideal match which is not an ideal match. 

7:19 pm - Rannvijay asks Anshuman and Roshni, "How was your dome session?" Anshuman and Roshni reply, "It was great."

7:18 pm - And finall the dome session begins. 

7:17 pm - Four ideal matches are thinking that Anshuman and Roshni may have taken their name thinking that they are not on ideal match anymore. 

7:16 pm - The Splitsvillans are now gearing up for tonight's dome session. 

7:14 pm - And finally Gaurav and Shruti won the task after beating Maera and Rohan by 10 seconds. Rohan is in the danger zone which means he might leave Splitsvilla XI tonight.

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7:12 pm - The score is 5 all till now and both the couples are performing extremely well. 

7:01 pm - Shruti and Gaurav and Rohan and Maera are competing against each other in the Test Your Bond Challenge. The competition is neck-to-neck. 

MTV Splitsvilla 11 has reached a stage where out of the four ideal matches, one is not an ideal match anymore. And in tonight's dome session is going be heart breaking as two strong connections will break and their better halves might leave today.

Last Sunday on Splitsvilla 11, Anshuman and Roshni, who are an ideal match but not in power, turned up to the secert session with the Oracle and the couple were informed that the dymanics of the villa has changed. There is one ideal match in the villa which is not actually an ideal match. If Roshni and Anshuman find out who that couple is, they will be blessed with powers otherwise they will have to bear the consequences.

Meanwhile, the two wild-card entrants Gaurav and Mehak are eyeing on to break Anushka and Kabir's jodi. Mehak thinks that Kabir is her ideal match whereas Gaurav thinks things are shaky between Anushka and Kabir and won't give up on her.

On the other hand, Rohan is in danger zone while Shruti will be sitting with Gaurav in the dome session. Rohan reads a heartfelt letter to Shruti expressing his love to her. If Rohan leaves today, it remains to be seen whether Shruti will leave with him or stay with Gaurav and perform with him.

Meanwhile, Shagun will once again pick up a fight with Fawad along with Gaurav and Kabir in the dome session.

Which ideal match will lose its power? whether Anushka and Kabir will head towards splitsville? and who's journey will end today?

Stay tuned for MTV Splitsvilla 11 live updates at 7 pm today.