At a time when medical treatments are getting dearer and exorbitant hospital bills pose a bigger life or death situation for those who cannot afford, a gurudwara in New Delhi is making sure healthcare is provided to one and all at nominal cost. The Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, noted New Delhi landmark, is inaugurating the cheapest diagnostic centre where patients can get an MRI scan done at Rs 50.

The MRI scan centre is dedicated to providing affordable healthcare solutions to the poor and the needy families. By offering MRI scan at just Rs 50, the gurudwara will ensure everyone gets the right diagnosis so further treatment can be provided. Normally, the MRI costs Rs 6,000-Rs 8,000 and the gurudwara's price is merely a fraction of that cost.

MRI at just Rs 50

Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) is inaugurating the MRI scan facility on Thursday. The facility has got diagnostic machines worth Rs 6 crore as a donation, which include four dialysis machines, and one each for MRI, X-Ray and ultrasound. The plan to inaugurate the MRI facility at the hospital was planned for December, but got delayed.

MRI at just Rs 50
Twitter/Manjinder Singh Sirsa @mssirsa

Charity work for the needy

The gurudwara in the national capital has made headlines through its charity work. During the pandemic, the gurudwara prepared meals and distributed to over 75,000 people who couldn't find proper meals. Also, this work of charity is not for Sikhs alone, but people from any faiths are welcome to utilise the service.

"And not just the Sikhs, our services are for humanity, we don't differentiate between Sikh, Hindu and Muslim. We don't offer service by checking someone's rations card. We are just doing this for the sake of humanity. And, those who contribute to us are also not from one community.," Dr B.J.S. Sarang, medical superintendent at the polyclinic said.