In what can be called a shockingly disturbing incident, a 3-year-old girl died after doctors of a private hospital allegedly handed over the minor to her family without giving her stitches after surgery. Why? Because parents of the minor failed to clear the dues. The doctors were performing an abdominal surgery on the minor.

The deceased minor's family hails from Manjahanpur in Kaushambi and had recently brought the girl to the hospital in Prayagraj after she complained of abdominal pain.

International Business Times has reached out to the hospital for a comment on the matter. The story will be duly updated. 

It was social media that brought the unfortunate incident to light after a user posted a series of tweets narrating the shocking incident, while sharing visuals and details of the inhuman treatment that the hospital allegedly meted out to the family.

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Taking cognisance of the horrific incident, Prayagraj's district magistrate Bhanu Chandra Goswami has constituted a two-member investigation committee. the committee comprises Chief Medical Officer and city district magistrate. While the exact timeline and dates of the incident are not known yet, but the body of the minor has been sent for post mortem to determine both the cause and the time of the death.

United Medicity Hospital denies all allegations

Meanwhile, when IB Times got in touch with the hospital, the authorities released a statement denying all allegations. As per the statement, "The girl Khushi Mishra was brought to our hospital on 15 February 2021 and she had a problem of Acute Intestine Obstruction. After taking control of her situation, on February 24 her father was apprised of the matter and after taking his due permission we conducted a Laparatomy on 2nd March. On March 3, we referred the patient further to Swaroop Rani Hospital for further treatment. Her father Mukesh Mishra took her to Children Hospital and had her admitted on March 3 itself at 12.40pm. Mukesh Mishra paid in total Rs 6370 to our hospital in the form of bills."
The statement further says, "These are rumours that are being spread that the hospital charged them Rs 2 lakh. Whereas we have taken only Rs 6370 from the family and the rest of the amount has been contributed by the hospital trust. We would also like to clarify that we are heavily charitable treatment of patients and especially the poor patients whose treatment and consultation is often subsidised. We are very sorry about the demise of the little girl."
"On March 5, there were a couple of elements who indulged in stone pelting and raising slogans outside our hospital. The only plausible explanation to that is that they are insecure and jealous of the success and social responsibility that our organisation epitomises. That is also the reason they are twisting facts and misrepresenting the situation."

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Horrific incident, disgusted netizens

Someone losing their life due to negligence of the doctors is hard to make peace with. But here allegedly, the hospital authorities can be accused of wilful conduct leading to the death of the minor. The series of tweets that have so far brought the incident to light reveal that it is the United Medicity Hospital.

The tweets sparked revenge and anger among social media with some calling for a complete shutdown of the hospital. While others wanted nothing less than a permanent cancellation of the licence to practice medicine anywhere in the future and the hospital owners and doctors behind bars. Others called the act the highest level of inhumanity, comparing it to nothing less than human and organ trafficking.

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