Mr World 2016
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Some of the most good looking men from around the world have gathered at Southport in England, to compete for the title of world's most desirable man. The finale of Mr World 2016, the talent/beauty competition that will bestow this title on them, will be held on Tuesday, July 19 at Floral Hall.

Mr Indian Rohit Khandelwal is one among the contestants this year, and is considered a strong contender for the title of Mr World. Along with his international counterparts, Khandelwal has been taking part in the 10 Tonne challenges, which began on July 10. The challenges, divided into Fashion & Style, the Extreme Challenge, the Multi-Media Award, the Sports Challenge and the Talent Competition, tested many facets of the contestants.

The toppers of these challenges made up five among the top 10 contestants, while the remaining five are reserved as men who impress the judges with their overall performance during the challenges, behaviour throughout the competition and their interviews. The Winner among the top 10 is then selected by the panel of judges. 

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This year's Mobstar People's Choice section of the Multimedia Challenge Event was won by Mr Poland, with Mr India and Mr Malta following closely behind.

While this list may be an indicator of the Top 10, the final results will be heavily influenced by the way the contestants present themselves on the stage on finale night. To this end, the participants have been practising pretty hard, as can be seen from these photographs.

Who will take over the title of world's most desirable man from the reigning Mr World, Nicklas Pedersen from Denmark? Find out at 6 p.m. (BST) on Tuesday, July 19, when Mr World will be held at Floral Hall, Southport Convention Center. The show will be hosted by former Miss World & Filipino superstar Megan Young. English Comedian Micky Flanagan will also make an appearance on the stage. You can buy tickets for the event by visiting the Mr World website.