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What started as a mere conversation between a couple has now got Twitter excited and begging for DC to make it!

A couple of days ago, Alexis Nedd, an editor at Cosmopolitan, shared a screenshot of a conversation she had with her boyfriend when he asked her what she felt would be the perfect Batman movie. Her response is absolute gold!

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She not only pictured Thor: Ragnarok star Tessa Thompson donning the cape but also outlined a jaw-dropping plot for the movie.

Sharing a screenshot of the conversation, she tweeted: "My boyfriend made the mistake of asking me what my perfect batman movie would be and the real question is why aren't i already writing batman movies."

Explaining her perfect Batman movie, Nedd wrote:

Oh my perfect batman movie is the santa clause with the batsuit where a young black woman, maybe played by Tessa Thompson, accidentally kills batman and receives a message to put on the suit.

And the villain is Jason Todd who wanted the suit for himself which is why he faked his death, because a Robin is stuck in his own suit/death cycle and can never take the cowl. Tessa Thompson vs Taylor Kitch as Jason.

Having played a badass Valkyrie in Ragnarok, Thompson would absolutely nail the role. And guess what! The actress has given her thumbs up to the plot. Replying to the tweet, Thompson said: "Let's do thissss @SterlingKBrown."

Sterling Brown, whose name was pitched for Lucius for the imaginary DC movie, is best known for his role as Randall Pearson on This Is Us.

"Haha! I mostly just want to work with @SterlingKBrown," added Thompson.

While DCEU contemplates the plot, DC fans have already given a green signal to the project. Responding to Nedd's tweet, Twitterati said they would definitely go watch the movie if it was made.