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Trust Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds to give an epic review of a movie he watched and he will deliver! The Deadpool 2 star recently took to Twitter to inform fans that he finally watched Thor: Ragnarok and it left him in splits.

The X-Men star seemed to have adapted the "better late than never" policy and finally watched the Thor: Ragnarok two months after the movie released, with the dawn of the New Year. One of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to be made yet was loved by critics, fans and now found an admirer in Reynolds.

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Reynolds took to the social media platform to admit that he had laughed so much that he "dislocated" his face. The actor tweeted, "Late to the party on Thor: Ragnarok. I dislocated my face laughing"

He went on to even praise the movie's director, Taika Waititi by calling him an international treasure. "Taika Waititi is an international treasure. Protect his mind and body at all costs," he said tagging the director and Thor's official Twitter handle.

With Disney acquiring Fox's entertainment units, including Deadpool, fans quickly began begging Reynolds and Waititi for a Thor – Deadpool crossover. "I would love to see a Thor/Deadpool crossover with Taika directing. Disney, make it so!"said a fan. "I'd love to see a Deadpool/Loki movie!" added another.

Some also shared a strip clip from a comic book featuring Thor and Deadpool. 

Despite the fact that it has been two months since Thor: Ragnarok released, Marvel fans still enjoy any reference, jokes and reviews from actors in the movie. One of Marvel's best movies turned out one of the most successful movies of 2017 with the movie loved by fans and box office collection standing at $847.3 million.

Revengers – Thor and The Incredible Hulk – will now join the Avengers for the Infinity War on May 4. Meanwhile, Reynolds will be reprising his R-Rated X-Men role for Deadpool 2 releasing in June.