A survey conducted by Mathrubhumi News and C Voter has suggested that the Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP) is the most hated political party in Kerala. The survey results come at a time when Keralites are waiting to cast their votes in the upcoming legislative assembly elections which will be conducted on April 06. 

Amit Shah's tactics not working in Kerala?

It was around a few days back that Amit Shah attended an election campaign in Kerala. During the campaign, Shah asked several questions to chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan, and many of them went unanswered. However, the survey results indicate that the mindset of Keralites is still left-oriented, and most of the participants in the poll called BJP a fascist political party. 

Amit Shah
Home Minister Amit ShahTwitter@AmitShah

According to the survey, 34.3 percent of the participants claimed BJP as the most hated political party in Kerala. 11.8 percent of the participants selected CPI(M) as the most hated political party, followed by Muslim League (9 percent), and the Indian National Congress (8 percent). 

The survey was completed in 51 days, and Mathrubhumi News revealed that 14,913 people from 140 constituencies took part in the poll.

It should be noted that Mathrubhumi News is a channel known for its left-liberal style of news reporting, and MV Shreyams Kumar, the managing director of Mathrubhumi is heading a party that is a part of the Left Democratic Front (LDF)

Keralites wishing Pinarayi Vijayan's second term

59.5 percent of the participants who took part in the survey said that the LDF government headed by Pinarayi Vijayan should get a second term. Most of the participants lauded Pinarayi Vijayan government for their commendable activities during the time of coronavirus outbreak and floods. 

42.6 percent of the participants called the opposition ineffective, while 20.1 percent said it was best. Interestingly 3.9 percent of the participants revealed that there was no opposition at all in Kerala during the past five years. 

[Disclaimer: The statistics presented in the story are being taken from Mathrubhumi News-C Voter survey, and it did not represent the views of IB Times, India]