It was around a few days back that Congress leader K Sudhakaran took a dig at chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan's family. While interacting with media, Sudhakaran claimed that Pinarayi Vijayan is the son of a toddy tapper.

K Sudhakaran insults Pinarayi Vijayan's family

During the talk, Sudhakaran repeatedly targeted Pinarayi Vijayan, and he claimed that a toddy tapper's son is now flying in a helicopter.

"Pinarayi Vijayan comes from a family of toddy tappers. Now, a helicopter is being used to transport a person who comes from a family of toddy tappers. Vijayan who claims himself as the Messiah of the working class has now emerged as the first chief minister in Kerala who has started using a helicopter for traveling," said Sudhakaran.

Pinarayi Vijayan K Sudhakaran
Pinarayi Vijayan (Left), K Sudhakaran (Right)YouTube

As the comments of Sudhakaran went viral, he received negative responses from all corners, and people started criticizing the congress leader for making such derogatory comments against the reigning Kerala chief minister. 

Congress leader Shanimol Usman also criticized K Sudhakaran, and she demanded an apology from the senior leader. Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala also told the press that such comments from Sudhakaran could have been avoided. 

Pinarayi Vijayan says he is proud to be the son of a toddy tapper

The comments made by Sudhakaran soon turned controversial, and the left faction in the state claimed that these kinds of remarks directly show the feudal mindset of the Indian National Congress

Pinarayi Vijayan also gave a strong reply to the Congress leader, and the chief minister revealed that he is proud to be the son of a toddy tapper. 

"I do not find anything wrong in being the son of a toddy tapper. My eldest brother and the second eldest brother were toddy tappers. I have been proud about being a toddy tapper's son. One can feel ashamed to be the son of a person being who is engaged in any kind of immoral activity. I do not find being the son of a toddy tapper's son an insult," said Pinarayi Vijayan.