Apple only recently launched the iPhone 11 series to much fanfare, giving a taste of the future of where the iPhones are headed next. But no hint whatsoever has been dropped on this new feature that was obtained from a patent application Apple filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday.

The patent, titled "Electronic Devices With Adjustable Decoration", suggests Apple could be working on bringing the iconic logo at the back of an iPhone to life. If the patent is any indication, future iPhones could come with LED-illuminated Apple logo - much like the good-old MacBooks.

For some reason, Apple replaced the illuminating Apple logo at the back of MacBooks with a metal one, but the feature was highly missed. For those who secretly hoped the LED Apple logo made its way to iPhones so it can be used as a notification light can finally hope to see it in the future iPhones.

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"This decoration is connected up to control circuitry that can be adjusted by the device's operating system. For example, such a system could consist of a control in the Settings app where the user can make the rear Apple logo on an iPhone appear to be a reflective yellow color or one that stands out more from the rest of the casing, or even blending in to hide the logo from cursory glances," Apple Insider, which discovered the patent application, explained in a post last week.

There's no sure way of saying the LED Apple logo will appear in future iPhones, but it's a possibility we cannot refuse to ignore. Apple files several such patent applications, they don't necessarily make it to the final product. We'd like to remain optimistic about this patented feature.

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This may seem like a far future, but Apple is already hard at work on 2020 iPhones. Rumours suggested next year's iPhones could finally have an in-display fingerprint scanner, 120Hz display panel, 5G support, 3D camera setup and a full screen without any notch. By eliminating the notch, Apple could put the LED Apple logo idea to use for notification purposes.