What sets apart Mortal Kombat from the rest of the fighting games in the industry? Well, to start with, the strong emphasis on everything that's gory. On an average, everything inside the MK universe revolves around inflicting the maximum pain and suffering on your opponent until he or she breathes for the final time.

Over the years, we have seen some of the goriest and most ghastly brutalities from the Mortal Kombat series of games. Be it Kung Lao's Blade-bordered Hat with which is tears his opponents limb from limb, or be it Quan Chi's humiliating finishing move (where he tears one of your legs and beats the living daylight out of you with it), the idea of bloodshed in such epic proportions is a treat for the otherwise twisted gamer.

With Mortal Kombat X around the corner, we are yet again looking up to the possibility of most of these brutalities making a grand comeback. And aside a few new ones, from the likes of Cassie Cage, Kotal Kahn and D'Vorah, most of the classic finishing moves are set to make a comeback with upgraded graphics and new elements of gameplay. Not to mention, a brand new storyline.

MK Fatal 1

But before the game is officially released and makes its way to the store shelves, here's a look at six of the most brutal and nauseating finishing moves from the game that could be set for a comeback.

Note: Viewer discretion is advised. Contains dismemberment, major hack and slash, death by cannibalism and ripping up of skin inside out.

Sektor: The Scarecrow
That Mortal Kombat characters are devoid of a soul is best understood with the kind of brutality the cyber Sektor shows to his opponents at the end of a match. Sektor takes an almost sickening pleasure when he fires off his atypical star-shaped device which then hugs onto the chest of the victim. The rest is, well, way too gory for the normal eyes, but you would better understand the Scarecrow if you take a look at the video. Once the star is clamped onto the chest of the opponent, sector puts in a code on his wrist panel that makes the device light up for a short time, while an ominous beeping throws the victim into disarray. Next, the device ejects multiple spikes from inside it and dismembers the victim into five pieces of flesh. Hence, the name Scarecrow.

Quan Chi: Leg Beatdown
Here's the one we were talking about a few minutes back. Seen first in Mortal Kombat 4, this one is probably one of the most humiliating ways to breathe your last, making it one of the most iconic brutalities in the entire series. On a whole, this one is actually one of the simplest ones as well. After tearing one of your legs, the evil necromancer shall then pummel you out of life by beating you with it constantly. In fact, he doesn't keep on hitting with the bloodied limb even after the victim's head has been splattered on the ground. Nobody deserves such a death, but Quan Chi thinks otherwise.

Sheeva: Skin Strip
Sheeva is one of the several behemoths in the Mortal Kombat universe. She is one of the proud members of the Shokan race and takes pride in all the bloodshed she involves herself into. She has as many as four arms at her disposal and shows off the kind of power she harnesses in each of those four arms. Using the combined force of four, she grabs her helpless victim's shoulders and chest and with bloodied finesse strips the skin off the victim while he or she is still alive, revealing their anatomy. The victim just dies of shock and intense blood loss. A life-long lesson on why you should never make a woman angry. Especially the ones that have four arms.

Skarlet: Blood Bath
Skarlet is a product of Shao Kahn's excellent wizardry. And keeping true to the fact, blood is one of the most essential components of life, her Blood Bath brutality is one that will keep you in shock for quite some time. After stabbing the victim through the ear with one of her blades to keep him or her in place, Skarlet then uses here second blade to slash the victim's throat from ear to ear. The ensuing bloodbath is what makes us nauseous. With the never-ending blood gushing out of the victim's throat, Skarlet then treats herself to the blood by making it spray carefully over her face while the lifeless victim slowly falls to the ground. Check the video to relive the horror.

Kung Lao: Razor's Edge
Another one of our very favourites. A good guy may have a good heart, but that doesn't necessarily mean he can't enjoy spilling some blood every now than then. And although Kung Lao is one Earth Realm's mightiest heroes, the brutality he shows to his opponents upon mashing a certain set of buttons make us question the entire hero-villain theory. The Shaolin Monk knows a thing or two about visual presentation, and makes full use of his bladed hat to set that into motion. Pushing his helpless victim to the floor, Kung Lao then throws and sticks his bladed hat to the ground, looking like a spinning buzzsaw. To the utter horror of the victim, Kung Lao then takes his victim by the ankle and slowly drags them through the spinning hat as they are mercilessly cut in two from the groin up. And then, almost proudly, Kung Lao holds up both the slices of the victim in his hands and shows them off.

Noob Saibot: Make A Wish
Noob is a cursed man that walks on as one of the undead. Myth has it that he is actually the fallen Sub-Zero who was later re-incarnated by necromancer Quan Chi to fight for Shao Kahn. And since he doesn't dwell among the living, it has to be understood that he has no such thing as a heart. If you know how to play tug-of-war, Noob's brutality shouldn't be anything corresponding to rocket science. In what is one of the most bloody finishing moves of all, Noob and his malignant shadow, each grab one leg of the opponent and slowly splits them in half from the groin up. It's such a terrifying way to finish ones' life that we keep away from it as much as possible. You can actually hear the victim screaming out in pain during the entire ordeal. Ouch! That hurts.