Moon Lovers
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SBS' period drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo has several reasons to return with season 2 and the fans are eagerly waiting for the network to announce the renewal news.

First of all, the drama concluded by teasing a new season through the last words of Prince Wang So a.k.a King Gwangjong. Towards the end of episode 20 (finale), the male protagonist can be heard saying, "If we are not from the same world. I will find you. My Soo."

Secondly, the Korean-mini series excelled in viewership ratings and managed to pull in a large number of international audiences. This element might force the network to renew the series for a second instalment.

Thirdly, the words of cast member Nam Joo Hyuk about a reunion of the princes of Goryeo Dynasty came as a hope to the followers who are curious about the next season.

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While sharing his final thoughts about the Korean mini-series, the actor said, "It's going to be another drama that I will never forget. I hope there will be a time for us brothers to reunite soon."

The Korean entertainer even stated that he missed the drama set while watching the broadcast and turned himself into a viewer who became sad watching the death of every character. According to him, he faced several challenges during the production process mainly because it was his first historical drama.

"But I always had fun with the brothers. Especially, the scenes with all the princes. Those 6-months of living as Baek Ah was real happiness. We played around a lot and became very close," AllKpop quoted the young actor as saying.

The 22-year-old actor of Cheese In The Trap fame even stated Scarlet Heart Ryeo successfully created a great director, scriptwriter, actors, staff, and everyone.