As the trailer of Anurag Kashyap's latest release Eeb Allay Ooo based on the true incidents of monkeys creating havoc in the national capital hits the social media, a very similar incident was reported in Uttar Pradesh's Meerut were a troop of monkeys attacked a laboratory technician carrying Covid-19 test samples of patients on Friday.


The monkeys have reportedly snatched the samples of the suspected Covid-19 patients from the lab technician in the premises of the Meerut Medical College and ran away.

Doctors recollect the samples 

The samples collected from three persons suspected to contract the viral infection were taken to the clinical tests when the monkey troop attacked the technician. The doctors then had to recollect the samples for the test.

Amusingly, one of the monkeys was later found sitting on a tree, chewing the sample collection kits. Parts of some kits were spotted strewn on the ground under the tree.

Some of the locals managed to shoot the clippings of the bizarre incident and shared it on social media which soon went viral over the internet.

Meerut district magistrate Anil Dhingra, when questioned on the incident, spoke to the media that he hasn't seen any such video but would initiate an inquiry into the matter.

Panic spreads among the residents 

Although the incident has spread laughter among the viewers, the residents around Meerut Medical College are in a panic as they see the chances of the spread of the deadly virus.

The monkeys have been a persistent nuisance to these people. Unlike the usual menace created by the creatures, the locals are now apprehensive about the chances of the spread of the virus as the monkeys carried the test samples widely across the residential areas.

Additionally, the chances for the virus communication from the monkeys to humans exacerbate the hovering panic. As per the studies, monkeys, like humans are not immune to the coronavirus; although some researches claim that after being infected once, these animals can turn immune to reinfection.