Monica Bedi and Abu Salem's love story appears to have been lifted straight from a film's plot. Theirs was a love story between the gangster and a budding actress; that was never meant to be. The romantic relationship had a touch of everything - emotion, romance, love, betrayal, crime, bloodshed and prison. And will forever remain one of the most talked about romances anyone's ever seen.

Monica Bedi, Abu Salem
Monica Bedi, Abu Salem

Monica Bedi met Abu Salem during a show in Dubai in 1998. He reportedly introduced himself to her with a different profession and a different name. Sparks flew and the two connected over the phone even when she returned to Mumbai, reports claim.

In an interview with Filmfare, Monica Bedi said that Abu used to call her every half hour. The two got comfortable with each other and began confiding in each other. It was when she went back to Dubai that Abu told her his real name was 'Abu Salem'. However, Monica claims to have not really known the man behind the name.

Monica Bedi
Monica BediVarider chawla

When in love...

"In the little time that we spent, we were nice to each other. You watch a film, go for dinner and your time is over... He was loving, caring and down to earth. I didn't feel the need to go into any further details. When you're in love you don't see beyond," she said. Bedi further revealed that she was aware of the fact that he was married and was going through a divorce when he met her. But, Monica claims to have known of him as someone powerful when she observed him always surrounded by bodyguards and making a lot of movements.

On the run

Monica Bedi claimed that when Abu Salem moved to the US (was on a run after being implicated) he didn't let her go back. "Abu wanted me to be with him in the US immediately. On reaching there, I realised that I couldn't return. The police knew that he was seeing an actress and knew my identity. He feared that by putting pressure on me they would get to him. He didn't let me go back," she told Filmfare.

Life goes on

Monica Bedi claims to be the happiest when they were jailed as she didn't want that life anymore. The actress has ever since been trying to pick up the pieces from where she left.