• Rahul Mahajan
    ' Rahul Mahajan with DimpyTwitter/DimpyMahajan
  • Seema Parihar
    Seema PariharFacebook
  • Monica Bedi
    Monica BediVarider chawla
  • Sampat Pal Devi
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  • Devender (Bunty Chor)
    Devender (Bunty Chor)Screenshot/Youtube
  • Aseem Trivedi
    Aseem Trivedi during a protest against internet censorship at Rajghat, New Delhi in on Jan. 14, 2012Wiki Commons

Most controversial reality show "Bigg Boss" has always managed to shock and entertain the audience. Every season comes up with a different story and equally different controversies including inmates with criminal backgrounds.

Here are the contestants of "Bigg Boss" who had criminal records:

Rahul Mahajan

Before entering the second season of the reality show, Rahul Mahajan was once charged with consuming banned drugs at his father Pramod Mahajan's house. Even after leaving the show and marrying Dimpy Ganguly through another reality show "Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega", he was in trouble when his filed a complaint against him for beating her up.

Seema Parihar

Reformed bandit Seema Parihar has a chain of criminal background. She has been accused of looting 300 houses, killing 70 people and kidnapping 300. She participated in "Bigg Boss" season 6 and has also starred in the film "Wounded – The Bandit Queen."

Monica Bedi

"Bigg Boss 2" contestant Monica Bedi was arrested with Abu Salem for entering Portugal on forged documents once. After serving jail sentence there, she has been charged for forging her Indian passport as well.

Sampat Pal Devi

The founder and leader of "Gulabi Gang" Sampat Pal Devi has beaten up many officials and has been jailed twice. The Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla starrer "Gulaab Gang" was based on "Bigg Boss 6" participant.

Devender (Bunty Chor)

Devender, season 4 contestant, is popularly known as 'Bunty chor'. He was on the hit list of the Delhi police. The film "Oye Lucky Lucky Oye" is vaguely based on him.

Aseem Trivedi

The controversial Indian political cartoonist and activist was a participant in "Bigg Boss 6." He was charged for insulting the national emblem, Parliament, flag and constitution through his anti-corruption cartoons.