Dimpy and Rahul Mahajan
Dimpy and Rahul MahajanTwitter/Bigg Boss

While the "Bigg Boss 8" house is getting more controversial every passing day, the makers of the show have added some spice to it by making the inmates interact with the outside world.

For the first time in the history of the most watched controversial show, a grand party was organised inside the house, which was attended by celebrity friends.

While, the guests were bonding with the inmates, Rahul Mahajan, who was also an invitee for the party, caught the audiences' attention when he interacted with his estranged wife Dimpy inside the house. 

Interestingly, both Rahul and Dimpy seemed to have a pleasant encounter and no awkwardness was visible initially. The "Bigg Boss 2" contestant seemed to have re-lived his moments from the season and Dimpy, who was the waitress for the party, tried her best to make all guests feel good. 

However, when Rahul started mingling with other ladies and carried the party to the pool shirtless, Dimpy got a little miff with his strange act.

Later, Diandra Soares went a little ahead and kissed Rahul on his cheeks. The act certainly left the 24-year-old furious, although she chose not to react.

After the party came to an end and it was time for the guests to leave, Dimpy got some time out for Rahul and the duo shared some emotional moments. The Bengali lady became emotional and with tears in her eyes went on to express that she was glad to meet someone close to her after long. 

Dimpy shot to fame when she married BJP leader late Pramod Mahajan's son Rahul in a TV reality show, "Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega".

However, soon after their wedding, Dimpy accused Rahul of domestic violence only to reconcile later. But a few months back, it was reported that Dimpy has filed for divorce and their case is pending in the court.

Meanwhile, Twitter is flooded with viewers reactions on Rahul-Dimpy's encounter.

Salilacharya: "This is a masterstrole getting #rahulmahajan and #dimpy together hahaha #BB8"

Zeba: "#dimpy... Your eyes searching for #Rahul ???"

Pradnya: "‏#BB8..#DIMPY..OHH...D BEST♥ separated bt unseperated.."