Momoland member Yeonwoo will be making her acting debut through the upcoming Korean drama
Momoland member Yeonwoo will be making her acting debut through the upcoming Korean dramaMBC

Momoland member Yeonwoo is making her acting debut through the upcoming Korean drama (Kdrama), The Great Tempter. In the mini-series, she will be portraying the role of an affectionate and mature woman named Kwon Yeo Min.

Yeo Min is the older cousin of Kwon Si Hyun, the male protagonist. According to the synopsis, the two characters have a special bonding with each other. She is the only person he trusts and follows in their family.

Although this is the first acting project of Yeonwoo, she has already received praises from the production team for her hard work.

"We are very happy to be working with Yeonwoo, who has been receiving a lot of love as a member of MOMOLAND. As this is her first acting role, Yeonwoo is working hard to bring her character to life. Please watch over her," Soompi quoted a representative of the production team as saying.

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Along with the Momoland member, the Mad Dog actor Woo Do Hwan, Red Velvet member Joy aka Park Soo Young, Live Up To Your Name actress Moon Ga Young and Hit The Top actor Kim Min Jae will also appear in the Kdrama.

While Do Hwan will be portraying the sole grandson heir of JK group named Kwon Si Hyun, the Red Velvet member will be playing the role of a young and pitiful woman named Eun Tae Hee, who thinks that she gets swayed by love.

Ga Young will be featured as the daughter of a hospital director named Choi Soo Ji, Min Jae will portray Lee Se Joo, the best friend of Si Hyun. The character is described as a playboy chaebol.

The Great Tempter is written by Kim Bo Yeon and directed by Kang In. It revolves around the lives of rich young men and women, who get involved in a dangerous game of love without realizing the impact of it.

The mini-series is scheduled to premiere on MBC on March 12.