Momo challenge
Just when we thought that the buzz around the Blue Whale Challenge had finally died down, here comes the Momo ChallengeReuters

A college girl from West Bengal's Jalpaiguri has filed a police complaint after receiving several messages on WhatsApp encouraging her into participating in the 'Momo Challenge'.

After the notorious Blue Whale Challenge claimed the lives of several teens all over the world, the Momo Challenge seems to be making its headway in India. The first year college girl said in her complaint that she had posted on social media that she wished to take her own life after a spat with her mother.

Soon, she received a message on WhatsApp from an unknown number. She alleged that the message invited her to take the Momo Challenge

The girl, scared over the situation, informed her elder brother, who warned her against participating in the game. She then went on to inform the police. The police have launched an investigation.

Momo Challenge claimed first life in India:

This new virtual suicide game has popped up across the globe in the last few weeks and has seen its way entering India too with its first case in Rajasthan where a class 10 student committed suicide in Ajmer.

According to reports, the 12-year-old girl hung herself to death after slitting her wrists. Though the girl reasoned her low grades in the school in the suicide note recovered from the spot, the police are suspecting Momo Game challenge behind her death.

The dreaded game continues to circulate on WhatsApp and authorities in several countries are trying to curb the potential damages of this new terrifying challenge on social media apps. It has reportedly engulfed teenagers from Argentina, France, the US, Mexico and Germany.