Mohammad Makhlouf
Mohammad MakhloufPR Handout

Syria has been witnessing pro-democracy protests by its countrymen since March 2011 over president Assad's resignation. The government's use of force to crush the dissent has only hardened the agitators' resolve over the years. As violence escalated across the nation and thousands of protestors took to the streets, much of Syria's old glory was lost in the process.

By 2013, over 80,000 people died in Syria, while the damage incurred through property loss is almost inestimable. Not only the country's economy took a downward slide, deep impact was felt in the agricultural, industrial and employment sectors. As we spoke to Mohammad Makhlouf, we realised that hope triumphs everything, even amid so much hostility and pain.

Makhlouf is among those few men who took the pledge to rebuild the war-ravaged nation through their various developmental initiatives. The 22-year-old Damascus-based industrialist is eyeing to bring about a fresh beginning to the nation's real estate scene with his MRM Holding venture. One of the biggest construction firms in Syria, the company is about to be launched in 2022.

With capital investment of $300 million without any bank loan, MRM Holding, which is going to be the prime factor behind overhauling the entire architecture sector and rehabilitating several displaced natives, will fetch around $500 million once it starts commissioning.

Makhlouf, a BBA graduate from American University in Dubai, is the co-founder of Future Builders, another real estate initiative that promises to resolve the burning issues concerning safe accommodation for Syrians.

"On one hand, my studies helped me develop business acumen, critical thinking, decision making abilities and managerial and effective communication expertise. My lineage, on the other hand, made me understand the problem of my fellow countrymen. My family always pursue business that serve people and there is no better feeling in the world to have worked for your nation," said Makhlouf whose single-ownership MRM Holding is the only company in Syria that has garnered the highest amount of capital even before its launch.

Makhlouf's noble initiatives have been bestowed with recognitions like Syria's Most Charitable Individual 2018 and Al-Amad Award among others. His MRM Charity works on several noble projects to serve the war victims, especially children, round the year. Makhlouf's Milk Man Daily Products have ensured regular yet economy nourishment for the masses.

The young industrialist has left his imprint in the health and hospital sector too. So that children do not have to experience the ill effects of conflicts, Makhlouf has developed a charity stadium for them at Latakia where they can engage in some recreational activities.

The kind-hearted Syrian dedicated his personal ambulance service soon after he came across a two-month-old fire victim at Rotana, Latakia. Five more ambulances were also pressed into action for the rest of the victims. For war-ridden Syria, personalities like Makhlouf are like a gust of fresh wind. He is among that handful of businessmen in the entire world who put people's welfare ahead of mere monetary profits.