When "Modern Family" started airing on ABC six years ago, none would have assumed the flakey Dunphy daughter Haley to be in a relationship that would be compared to the likes of Ross-Rachel and Penny-Leonard. But enter Andy, and the whole dynamic of the comedy series completely changes; now we cannot get enough of the young couple and all we want assurance about is that they will start dating in season 7.

According to the recent reports and facebook posts, this dream will definitely come true. Haley (Sarah Hyland) has always been portrayed as the black sheep, the one that always messes things up. However, she is being serious about something – or someone – for the very first time, and he might be in love with someone else.

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However, unbeknownst to Haley, Andy (Adam Devine) himself had admitted to Haley's father Phill (Ty Burell) that he is in love with her. Season 6 frustratingly ended with both of them admitting their feelings for each other to Phil, but not to each other. However, according to our sources, Haley will declare her love for Andy in season 7, when she interrupts his proposal to Beth (Laura Ashley Samuels).

We will also get to see Haley in her first adult relationship with Andy, which will be interesting to watch. However, the couple will have to face a great adversary in Beth, who Haley had pegged to be crazy and psychotic back in season 6.

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What could Beth do to make Haley's life miserable? While some say she would stalk Haley, break into her room destroy things, others say she could get a bit ballsier and a lot more villainous by staging an accident to hurt Haley. While the latter seems to be extreme for an ABC comedy, the former is more than likely to happen in season 7, which will premiere on Wednesday, 23 September.

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