Fans of ABC's "Modern Family" cannot wait for 23 September as Season 7 will reach our TV sets and online streaming services on the day. But, we do have a very juicy scoop for you in advance and it related to the future of Andy and Haley.

After teasing us with a possible love story between Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Andy (Adam Devine) for many episodes, their declaration of love was aired on the Season 6 finale. However, they revealed their innermost feelings to Phil (Ty Burell).

Paying heed to his hero Phil's advice, Andy was on his way to propose his girlfriend Beth (Laura Ashley Samuels) on the final episode of Season 6.

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Haley was devastated at the thought of losing Andy, but has no idea that he is in love with her too. However, the leaked photos from the sets of "Modern Family" suggest that her dad Phil was finally able to contact her and reveal that Andy loves her.

At the location of the premiere episode shooting in Santa Monica Pier, Haley and her mom Claire (Julie Bowen) are seen spying on Andy as he proposes to Beth. After realising her feelings for Andy, will Haley make a Hail Mary attempt to win him back or will she bottle up her feelings till it all comes erupting at the most inapproprate moment?

Find out when "Modern Family" returns to ABC on Wednesday, 23 September. 

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