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IBT picks best phones of 2019IBTimes IN

Mobile phone explosions are scary and there are several instances reported in India and around the world. Mishandling electronics can have serious consequences and often it has been the reason for mobile phone explosions. In another incident reported Haryana, a Realme 5 owner suffered minor burns after the mobile phone exploded in his pants pocket.

The incident took place on March 17, MySmartPrice reported. The owner, identified as Amit Rathi, said his Realme 5 caught fire while he was riding and exploded shortly after. Luckily, Rathi was able to escape any serious injuries even though he sustained minor burns, but the phone was completely burnt.

Who is at fault?

Realme 5 in question was bought in October 2019, which means it is a relatively new phone. Anyone would be quick to blame the manufacturer, in this case, Realme, but it's not as simple as it seems.

Realme 5 explodes
Realme 5 explodesRealme

When Rathi reported the incident to Realme, the company had agreed to offer a free replacement. But as in any case, such explosions calls for an investigation to understand the reason behind it. It was after the investigation that the company realized the Realme 5 had exploded without any manufacturing defect.

Rathi had claimed that he used an original charger that came with the box but failed to mention other details, which the company discovered after its own investigation.

"The user's phone battery caught fire, and we have analyzed the phone. The phone was badly deformed by external forces, and the battery was punctured, causing the battery to catch fire," Realme said in a statement.

Realme Logo
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No free replacement

Since the company was not at fault that triggered the mobile phone to explode, it withdrew its offer to give a free replacement. But Realme still offered to cover 50 percent of the cost if the buyer decides to buy a new phone.

"From the user's point of view, we have offered him a discount, asking him to replace a new mobile phone with 50% of the cost of his paid mobile phone, but the user did not agree, so he complained to social media. Please note that we are now in further communication with users," Realme added.